March Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – The Soul Awakening Strategist

Welcome to magical, marvellous March! We are now in Pisces season and connecting in with unity consciousness and the wonders of the unseen realms. March is an immensely creative month to delight in the land of pure imagination and allow ourselves to dream big without the fun police, aka reality, getting in the way. It is our dreams that charge us with spiritual and emotional energy and remind us that we truly are the powerful creators of our lives. Pisces is one of the most inspirational and creative signs. No dream is too big this month, in fact, the crazier it seems, the better. Pisces invites us to go beyond the limits of our rational mind and into the territory of Divine inspiration and creative potential. How does your ideal life look and feel?

Pisces is also the sign of miraculous healing through compassion, unconditional love and empathy. These are some of the most difficult qualities for us to master as humans so this month the Sun, New Moon and Jupiter are supporting us to embodying this higher love aspect in our words, thoughts and actions. When once we may have turned away from situations or people that needed our compassion and empathy this month we have the power to change lives when we choose to rise above our ego and bring unconditional love into the world, starting with ourselves. It’s the perfect bubble in which Mars and Venus, which are dancing together for a little while longer, are free to express the ecstasy of masculine and feminine union. We may find love in unexpected places or is expressed in surprising ways this month. We may even experience a complete transformation when it comes to love and relationships.  

So with these beautiful love vibes all around us in March, I have included additional love language guidance in your Soul Scopes this month. Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) sign for an holistic picture of your month ahead. Wishing you the greatest love of all.




Synchronicities, fortuitous timing and magical energy surround you this month! This is about working with the cosmic forces of Divine timing and understanding that everything works out how it is meant to, for your highest good. Our outer world reality is a result of the thoughts and feelings emanating from our inner world. People and experiences manifest in our lives when we are ready to embrace, learn and evolve. If you have been thinking about something, or someone, and you believe you are ready for the experience, chances are it will materialise this month! It really is a case of “be careful what you wish for”. Divine communication flows into your consciousness this month and brings fresh energy to a creative project and guidance for your life purpose. Let go of outcomes and allow the universe to work its exquisite timing. Something you were worried about may turn out better then you imagined. Breathe.

Your love language for March: Words of affirmation (your words are powerful this month). 

Your ideas fuel rapid plans and activities this month, Taurus. Strap yourself in, you could be in for a wild ride, of the mind. New people and experiences are about to enter your life and shake things up in a way that stimulates your intellect and communication. Luckily, you have the ability to think on your feet and, coupled with your sensibility, you can make confident decisions when unexpected situations arise. Don’t be pressured into an impulsive decision, gather as much information as you can in the time you have and use your rational brain to make the choice which feels practical and reasonable. Logic prevails over emotion in March. Communication is your superpower this month, don’t allow yourself to stew or fester over anything that could easily be resolved with an honest and direct exchange of words. Someone who is super smart, humorous and inspiring could be significant to you this month – most likely a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Adaptability is required this month too as situations can turn on a dime. You’ll need to take regular breaks to ensure you don’t mentally burn out. Use humour and wit to break through tense or awkward situations.

Your love language for March: Thoughtful acts of kindness and words of affirmation.

This month you are learning something new about how to enhance your physical and material security. You are about to receive good news about work, home, health or finances that you need to follow through on. You will also feel motivated to pursue a new interest or activity that stimulates your desire to learn something new. This may involve a new area of study in a health or allied field or a creative pursuit which produces something beautifully tangible. Please be reassured that you do have the patience, pragmatism and energy to see any study program to a successful completion. It is guaranteed to change your outlook on life and boost your career prospects. Look for repeated numbers and other signs to confirm your decisions. A young adult who is reliable, clever and earthy may also be significant to you this month – most likely a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. March is a fantastic opportunity to manifest a personal dream or goal.

Your love language for March: Gift giving. 


Love, lust and passion intensify this month. There is a peak romantic experience for you and a strong feeling of intimacy and commitment in relationships. If you are single and ready to meet someone, say yes to all offers and social invitations. Trust your feelings and allow yourself to surrender to love as soul mate energy is greeting you with open arms in March. Grand gestures of love are what it’s all about for you this month and if you already have a significant other you may share an experience which makes you fall in love all over again. It is also important to acknowledge and honour your emotional spectrum this month. Allow your heart to operate only from love and see each person as perfect, who they really are underneath the facade. Someone who is passionate, romantic and sensitive may be significant to you, and it could be another Cancerian, a Scorpio or Pisces! Don’t question the experience that is about to unfold, go with your heart.   

Your love language for March: Words of affirmation. 

There is so much lucky energy around you this month, Leo! Focus your thoughts and feelings on positive outcomes and trust that whatever happens, you deserve all the abundance and good fortune coming your way. This is a period of expansion, opportunities and advancement in whichever area of life you wish to grow. It all occurs as you switch your mind to optimistic expectation, confident in the knowledge that everything will work well for you once you settle into the belief of deservingness. If a recent situation has been challenging, you’ll be able to appreciate the positive effect it had on your life and finally leave it in the past. This is the key to maintaining momentum and flow. You may be pleasantly surprised by something that manifests unexpectedly this month and it confirms you are vibrating with lucky energy. Your unwavering faith in the universe and belief in yourself will keep the wheel of fortune turning and create a lucky vortex within and around you this month!

Your love language for March: Gift giving. 

You are rich with abundant energy this month, Virgo! Everything feels sumptuous and luscious in your world as you spend quality time with soulful people in beautiful environments. This is a good time to beautify your home and surroundings with your creative flair and resourcefulness. Your practical wisdom may be sought by others this month too and is greatly appreciated. It is important to acknowledge your mind-body connection this month as your body is giving you messages about deeper issues that need to be healed. How you treat yourself mentally and emotionally is central to your feeling of well-being in March. It’s all a matter of nourishment, not deprivation or punishment. Be gentle with yourself as you introduce any new routines you feel will boost your well-being and help you to feel more confident in your body. Iterative changes are best, no need for a wholesale makeover. Someone generous, practical and mature may be significant to you this month – could be a Taurus, a Capricorn or another Virgo. Honour your body and your right to physical pleasure!

Your love language for March: Physical touch.


This month your resilience shines through as you come to terms with situations that have tested you. Emotional and mental strength will be needed to get you through this month with your dignity intact. Approach challenges with warmth and generosity instead of falling into the ego ditch of needing to be right. This is an opportunity for you to grow from your experiences and draw on all that you have learned to provide you with the confidence to resolve tensions in a healthy, loving and mature way. Don’t allow pride to create barriers, reach out and make the first move toward reconciliation. What you show to others will be returned in kind and people will naturally connect with your authenticity.  Forgiving others and yourself will create a state of inner peace that will imbue all of your interactions this month. A well-timed apology will create a breakthrough. You are stronger than you think!

Your love language for March: Words of affirmation and quality time with loved ones.

This month you are supported to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns that are restricting your ability to experience the life you desire. There are changes you know you need to make to evolve on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level and this is the perfect month to initiate courageous action! Take charge of the situation before it gets so out of control the universe has to step in and force change upon you. This is a big change, so start gently and set realistic goals so you can celebrate your growth and progress. This is the universe’s way of creating an opportunity for you to literally rise from the ashes, spread your wings, and step further into your power. Sometimes you need to go back to first principles in order to rebuild your life the way you need to. Playing safe no longer serves you, make that change and soar!

Your love language for March: Acts of kindness and support. 

You may feel that you are missing out on something or wanting more from your life this month. We all feel this way from time to time, it’s perfectly natural to feel disappointment, jealousy or depression. Emotions play an important role in our sense of well-being and are signposts for how we can respond to our external circumstances. If you find you are comparing yourself to others, instead of allowing the feeling of jealousy to consume you, ask yourself what it is that you desire for your life that you feel is currently lacking. If you want more, that’s great, start from a point of being happy with where you are and be grateful for every person and experience that has shaped you. Negative emotions is simply signs that the universe is guiding you toward something more fulfilling. It is time to turn your attention to those possibilities and connect to the hope that flickers, like a flame, within you

Your love language for March: Quality time with loved ones. 

Teamwork makes the dream work this month, Capricorn! You will have an opportunity to showcase your skills, talents and capabilities in a team environment to achieve an important goal. This is a time of significant growth in your career, to do something that can be soulfully and financially rewarding. You can confidently bring people together to solve problems and create synergy for outcomes that affect families, communities or other groups. The power of creativity and teamwork is magical this month and provides you with a genuine sense of accomplishment and confidence in your abilities. Financial prosperity from doing what you love is also highlighted in March and is an ideal time to take action on those creative projects which have been bubbling away in your mind but have yet to land in reality. Imperfect action now will allow you to iterate, refine and grow this idea into a very special offering. Keep honing your craft!

Your love language for March: Quality time with loved ones. 


Abundance flows to you this month in the form of money, time, energy or support. This is the ideal month to begin a new venture which is aligned to a higher purpose and provides an income. A new job or promotion is also indicated, as is being in the spotlight for your work or career. A new regime or approach to your physical health is also supported this month. It is also an ideal time to make an investment, so be open to any signs that stand out to you as this is Divine guidance opening your eyes to new streams of financial abundance. Putting practical measures in place to set yourself up for financial freedom are your priority this month. They don’t have to be major changes, just do something that your future self will thank you for. This will help to reset your abundance mindset and prove that action is a key part of manifestation. Action steps create momentum and before you know it you will have created a new level of security and stability in your life!

Your love language for March: Physical touch.

This month you will create order out of chaos to build something truly amazing. It could literally be something tangible or you could forge a relationship with someone special through adversity. Either way, it is your ability to see the big picture that keeps you and others on track. Flexibility and adaptability are your essential traits in March as you are likely to be managing competing priorities as well. Keeping your focus on the big picture will greatly assist your decision making and bring people together to accomplish important tasks. Your intentions are powerful this month, so it will be important for you to not take things personally and understand that sometimes conflict is an essential part of growth and progress. It is much easier to work with passion than apathy. Do not second-guess yourself this month, follow your instincts, take the emotion out of any conflict and view feedback as a gift. Again, the big picture will be your north star this month, enabling you to build something meaningful about which you can be truly proud.

Your love language for March: Acts of kindness. 

Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology which reveals the potential of cosmic forces and sacred hurdles which contribute to the soul’s evolution in this life. Marion’s intent is to provide greater understanding and self-acceptance for all her clients. To book a personal reading with Marion, go to:

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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