Marketing Trends 2023 by Deb Miles

Let’s start with article with a little yoga.  I invite you to find your mat, take a few breathes and practice.

You know there is a particular yoga sequence that has gone stale for me lately.  I find myself sitting in the back of class as the student now doing my own thing.  Sometimes out of sequence with the rest of the class and other times following along with the instructor.  Call me a rebel, but honestly I love my yoga, I love my body and I am going to honour what it needs

And this is how marketing should be.  Marketing should come from your heart.  And if you don’t enjoy doing it.  Outsource it!

But hey, I am not here to pitch my services this month, I want to share the 2023 marketing trends so you too can decide what direction your heart goes.

In 2023 the two top trends I found will be:

Customer Experience

Consumer / People will have a strong focus – everyone plays a part in the consumer experience and effective strategic content marketing will rule this arena.  The focus shifts from advertising to giving your people (consumers and employees) an experience that creates community.  For me this sees a move back to my favourite marketing style and that is relationship marketing.

Digital Technology

This one is not going away.  If you are not embracing digital marketing, now is the time to start.  According to multiple marketing research sources we are going to see shifts in the way of doing business for 2023.

Let me flip back to the consumer experience aspect of marketing for a moment.

It is important to remember that consumers are not just your clients.  They include employees, contractors, your networks – anyone who interacts with your brand.  Everyone plays a part in your business.  Therefore your digital marketing strategy will need to take that into consideration. 

Perhaps training videos for staff and contractors to support them to support you.  Utilising online surveys for satisfaction evaluation and consultations to help you give them what they need.  Try videos where you talk to your audience.  Use digital messaging services to reach your people live in the moment.  Face-to-face connections will count in 2023 but why not use technology to support that.

Embrace the full spectrum of content marketing.  And by content marketing I just don’t mean social media content.  I mean a cohesive and effective brand message.  If you do go supercharged digital make sure you keep your story consistent.

And remember as you develop your marketing strategy for 2023, keep it moving from the heart.  Find the platforms that feel right for you and connects you to your people.  You know them, they probably like the same things you do and move to your frequency.  Have a fabulous festive season and if you need someone to support you doing the things that don’t feel right for you reach out.  I love helping others develop their message.

Deb Miles

Deb Miles is a natural therapist and the pioneer of Mindful Marketing who supports heart-based businesses to combine their love and passion for what they do with the logical, analytical and practical components that come with successfully marketing a business that experiences growth and longevity.

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