MEN’S SEXUAL HEALTH by Pauline Ryeland

Men’s sexual health usually focuses on two aspects of erectile dysfunction.  Either not being able to get an erection or maintain one or premature ejaculation.

I also like to focus on prostate health and men’s orgasmic capacity to experience more in their pleasure.

Quite often men usually ignore the problems and hope it sorts itself out.  If they do go to the doctor, unfortunately they will only be prescribed some form of medication for erectile problems such as Viagra, which is really a short term solution for a problem that can potentially be reversed.  It also doesn’t work for all men and can make them feel quite sick and have headaches.  Doctors also don’t really have solutions for premature ejaculation either.

If men desire to sort this out permanently then they need to see a Sex Therapist and I now have doctors referring men to me for both of these problems.

Loss of erection can be turned around except in instances where the hormones are low or there is a pre-existing condition such as diabetes, or specific problems with the prostate such as cancer, enlargement or removal.  

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a lot more complex to resolve, however, it can be. For some men it has been a lifelong issue, commencing as young teenagers, exploring their body, pleasuring themselves and being quick and quiet so they didn’t get caught. Sometimes, they grow out of that and sometimes they don’t.

There are occasions when men can start to experience PE later in life and this can be caused from anxiety or stress. 

Like all health problems, we have to dig a bit deeper into the issue to see what else is going on:

  • State of physical health – over weight, what they’re eating
  • How much alcohol is consumed
  • What medications they might be on
  • Are they taking recreational drugs
  • Recent surgeries
  • Level of fitness
  • State of mind – anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, PTSD
  • Loss of libido (desire)
  • Hormone function
  • Personal problems with their partner
  • Past sexual abuse
  • How much porn is watched
  • Past relationships
  • First sexual experience

All of these things need to be considered as well as looking at the mindset and how it’s affecting you and working with resolving the negative states of mind that can obviously occur.

There is often a form of disconnection, so I teach a series of exercises to connect into the body, connect the brain to the genitals to start the re-wiring of the neurological pathways between the brain and genitals.

There are also exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor which is key as well as masturbation techniques to help last longer. We also start working with moving the sexual energy as well as adding specific breath techniques.

With premature ejaculation, there is an extra process, where I teach the body to move away from orgasm, whilst staying aroused and we do that through breath and touch therapy. Here we activate the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system.

For some men it can reverse fairly quickly, for others it takes time, everyone is different.

Prostates become enlarged because the urine passes through it and doesn’t empty fully.  If all men had their prostates stimulated whilst having an ejaculation this will combat this from occurring plus it can be a whole lot of fun and open them up to new sexual experiences. 

If the prostate is removed sometimes erections do not occur anymore.  Some men will still have an orgasm without the ejaculation.

Regardless, all men can learn how to open up their sexual expression more through a variety of Tantric techniques utilising breath.  Orgasm and erection are actually two separate physical actions which can become separate.  All men can be multi-orgasmic and also learn to separate the orgasm from ejaculation.

Pauline Ryeland

Pauline Ryeland, Intimacy Whisperer®, is a Sex, Libido, Relationship Coach & Educator, working with individuals & couples experiencing challenges with sex and relationships.

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