My Precious – Hoarding Old Stories by Davina Herbert

I’ve been reflecting lately about how as humans we love stories and make them precious.  As an author, I love telling and hearing inspiring stories.  I could tell stories all day long about animals and the funny and sometimes frustrating things that they do.  What I have been reflecting on lately is how we sometimes make old stories precious.  We keep telling these stories and holding onto them and making them part of our identity – even when we know that these stories no longer serve us. 

I had a vision for my business – Pet Energy Therapy.  I saw it offering energy modalities to animals and their humans.  Then I had a number of clients come to me with needing support with grief as their animals were about to pass over or had just passed over.  My precious story was that doing grief work did not align with how I saw the business.  But I was not looking at it from an energetic point of view – just holding onto an old story.  But here’s the thing, I see Pet Energy Therapy as an energetic entity in its own right.  So lately I have been sitting with the energy of the business and asking questions about its future direction.  As a result, my vision of the business is changing.  Recently I’ve started to re-offer sessions to help people and their animals deal with grief. I do have a lot of personal experience in this area, particularly since I lost my beloved mare Ms Doll in 2022.

The other change is that I’ve started to become aware of how much Pet Energy Therapy is about the whole family and not just the animals.  When our animal friends act up, there is always some message/ concept that they are trying to communicate.  Pet Energy Therapy is pivoting to be about lifestyle.  It’s about our animals being valuable members of the family and about all of us creating a world of co-operation and love.  It’s also about how when we are willing to receive messages from all of life, that all of life can start to change for us.  When we are happy and well, then that radiates out to those around us. 

Pet Energy Therapy is dynamic.  If I hold on tightly to what I had defined it as in the past, it cannot grow and reach its full potential.  Are there things/ people in your own life that you are holding on tightly to and not allowing them to reach their full potential?  Are you holding tightly onto yourself and not allowing yourself to be all that you have dreamed of being?  Your animals can help you release old stories by being your mirror and showing you where you are at. 

If you would like some help in letting go of old stories and accessing your own genius, I have a March special.  I have discounted my prices for personal sessions for the month of March 2024.  Book and pay for a one on one session (online or in person) by the 1st of April, 2024 and take advantage of the discount.  In April, my prices will be increasing, so hop to it to take advantage of the savings now. 

To book and pay, go to my website.

Have a great month! 

Davina Herbert

Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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