Navigating a New Way of Living by Jacq Koloski

As I sit down to write this month’s article I feel drawn to open my book, Jacq’s Musings. As I flick through the pages stopping to read parts here and there, I am reminded of how life changed for me and how I navigated a whole new life that I knew nothing about. 

At various points in our life we will all navigate new terrain. We will have experiences and situations show up that we have never come across before. We will have no reference points from which to draw on to assist us in navigating a new way of life. We won’t know what the landscape will look like as it will be an opportunity for us to create a new path, a new way of living. We get to create a life that we haven’t lived before. We get to choose different to anything else we have ever done. We get to experience a new way of living. How exciting and scary and everything in between. 

At these times in our life, we need to look within and really look to see who we are. 

💜What do we value? 

💜What are our beliefs about ourselves  and about life? 

💜What boundaries do we have? Do we need new ones? Do we need to create boundaries? 

💜What healing needs to take place? 

💜What perceptions of yourself and your life need to change to allow a new way of living to unfold? 

💜Where can you be in allowance of a new way of living to show up? 

💜Where can you create space for a new way of living to show up? 

Allow yourself time to heal and open up to new possibilities, new ideas, new ways upon which to create your new life. Allow yourself to explore and experience it all. Be kind and gentle with yourself as you navigate this new terrain that is your life. You are not who you were before the healing and deep knowing of yourself took place. You will create new reference points moving forward. How exciting. Embrace it all. It is yours for the taking. 

Love and hugs for you xx

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Jacq Koloski

Jacq Koloski is an intuitive energy mentor and accomplished author, who empowers individuals to find clarity, heal, flourish and craft a life they love through her workshops and sessions.

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