The Seer Lover Archetype: A Visionary Guide to Deep Intimacy by Rebecca-Lee

We all have strengths in how we give and receive love. Through years of research and working with energy, the chakra system and consciousness, I have developed a system that can help you discover how well you and challenged you are in each of the areas of intimacy. To move beyond the challenges and negative repeating patterns in relationships we need to work through the Love Blocks of each of these levels of intimacy. You can find out where you sit energetically and consciously with these different intimacies on my website –

People who are strong “Seers” have a strong sixth chakra or what some might refer to as their “third eye”. They are a visionary lover who excels in seeing beyond the surface, understanding deeper truths, and strategising future possibilities. This archetype is intimately connected with the third eye chakra, which governs intuition, insight, and higher vision. Seer lovers are often highly perceptive, intuitive, and capable of understanding the underlying dynamics in relationships.

Characteristics and Strengths

Visionary Insight: Those who are strong in the sixth chakra love to connect with their lovers through having dreams and goals. Seer lovers possess an extraordinary ability to see the bigger picture and understand the deeper meanings in relationships. Their insight allows them to anticipate potential issues and navigate complex emotional landscapes.

Intuition: Their strong intuition helps them sense the unspoken needs and desires of their partners, that can help create deep and empathic connection. This intuition often guides them to act in ways that support and nurture their relationships.

Strategic Thinking: The Seer is a natural strategist, capable of planning and envisioning their future and the future of their relationships. They are great at setting long-term goals and working towards them, and they love their partners to be on board with that and live their life moving towards their dreams. This can be great to help the relationship stay focused on positive goals and lead to a stable and fulfilling partnership.

Emotional Depth: Seer lovers bring emotional depth to their relationships, encouraging their partners to explore their own inner worlds. When the partner of a Seer can embrace their visions and contribute and work towards a mutually desired dream creates a space for profound intimacy and mutual growth.


Overthinking: With their heightened perception, Seer lovers can sometimes overthink situations, leading to unnecessary anxiety and stress. Their tendency to analyse everything can make it difficult to relax and enjoy the present moment.

Detachment: The ability to see the big picture can sometimes make Seer lovers appear detached or aloof. They might struggle with being fully present in their relationships, focusing more on future possibilities than current realities.

Boundary Issues: Seer lovers may have difficulty setting and maintaining personal boundaries, as their deep empathy can lead to taking in any potential limitations or lack of motivation their partner may have a deep set back in their world. They can then spend a lot of time trying to motivate and convince their partner to move forward rather than just putting the energy into continuing to move forward with their own dreams.

Self-Doubt: Despite their strong intuition, Seer lovers can experience self-doubt, questioning their insights and decisions. This can lead to hesitation and indecision in their relationships.

Benefits of Taking the Lover Archetype Survey

Taking the Lover Archetype Survey can be incredibly helpful to work out what areas in your life and your personal and spiritual development need working on. If you are a Seer, the survey results will help you to –   

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: By understanding your archetype you can see where your strengths in your third eye can help your relationship and where your challenges (or lower vibrating third chakra) may be hindering your love life.

Examples for the Seer


Strategic Communication: Seer lovers excel in strategic thinking, and they love to think about where they are going in their future. They can use these visions, goals and inspiration to steer the relationship to new, positive and exciting experiences and achievements in their life. When two people are on board with the shared vision it can make it easier to resolve conflicts as both partners’ may be more willing to work through internal and external obstacles so that they can stay focused on their goal. The more they do this and prove to each other that the goal is important they build more intimacy and trust in the relationship.


Detachment from Present: While their visionary abilities are a great asset, Seer lovers can sometimes become too focused on potential future outcomes, causing them to become detached from the present moment. This detachment can lead to their partner feeling neglected or undervalued, as the Seer may miss out on appreciating and engaging with the current state of the relationship.

Improve Intuition: The survey results can provide insights into how to better trust and harness their intuition, leading to more confident decision-making in their relationships.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Understanding their archetype can help Seer lovers recognize the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining a healthy balance between doing everything for others’ just to get the job done. Even if it costs them their health, time or money. They can be completely drained by others on so many levels if they end up with a partner that doesn’t have the same shared dreams and goals.


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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