Neuromuscular Biofeedback Resets the Nervous System and Heals Mind-Body-Soul by Zen Chi

Chronic stress can have dramatic effects on the nervous system, resulting in physical responses such as high blood pressure, anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders, unexplained pain, headaches and other health issues.   Changes in physical and mental health as a result of stress can be of a transient nature or long-term problems that seem to get worse over time.  By promoting effective responses to stressors, improvements in health are experienced.

Mind-Body Techniques such as meditation, visualisation, hypnotherapy and yoga are well documented has having positive effects on the central nervous system and reducing symptoms of stress.  However physical therapies such as massage, reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture and other holistic therapies are just as effective at resetting the nervous system.  

A term called neuromuscular biofeedback has often been used to describe physical therapies that involve mind-body technique to help teach people to release the effect stress has on the body.  At Zen Chi Natural Therapies our skilled therapists are able to apply holistic therapies that targets the body’s fascia, musculoskeletal and nervous system to apply the Neuromuscular Biofeedback system to reset the nervous system, relax the body and support people to be healthy and pain free.

Therapies such as Kinesiology use muscle monitoring which is a biofeedback technique, that allows the therapist to directly access the causes of stress. Once the causes of stress are uncovered the therapist is able to establish what the body needs to support it through muscle testing.  Once the under lying stress is resolved the client’s body is then more capable to self-heal.

Shiatsu, Acupuncture, and Bowen Therapy also use forms of neuromuscular biofeedback.  Based on proven principles of energetics and a connection between emotions, the nervous system and the physical body’s response, these holistic therapies call on the innate intelligence held within the cellular components of the subconscious mind to stimulate healing.  By inviting the conscious mind to meet the subconscious mind through techniques that are often unique to the therapy being used, the individual who is having the treatment develops a mindful awareness of the stressors. This awareness supports regulation of the nervous system.  Ultimately bringing the nervous system back into balance so that healing can take place.

Because each therapy is unique, the response from the individual receiving the treatment is also unique.  This is one of the reasons the same treatment cannot be used for everyone.  Individuals respond differently and sometimes it is about finding the right therapy to help reset the nervous system and give the body opportunity to make its own healing adjustments based on what works for that person. 

If you want to have a discussion about the different types of therapies, we offer at Zen Chi Natural Therapies and the Neuromuscular Biofeedback system please get in contact with one of our staff who will be happy to recommend a treatment suited for your individual needs.

Debbie Webber

Debbie Webber is the pioneer of award winning wellness centre, Zen Chi Therapies and each month one of her team members will write about the modality they specialise in at Zen Chi.

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