June 2022 Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – The Soul Awakening Strategist

Wow, what a month May was! Those eclipses certainly shook things up. In June we are set for more playful, communicative energy with the Sun in Gemini and the New and Full Moons in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Knowledge, learning, teaching and making sense of our experiences are key energies for June. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 14th activates the need to understand the world on a more philosophical level, bringing realisations and the urge to find deeper meaning in our life.

The end of Mercury retrograde on the 3rd heralds a period of communication that heightens our senses and brings peace through practical compromise. Relationships that have experienced separation or strained communication will now become grounded in harmonious connection.

From mid-month to the end of June, the universe is inviting us to heal our inner masculine. This continues the process kick started by last month’s lunar eclipse and is part of the collective movement of transforming toxic masculinity into Divine masculine power. Divine masculinity celebrates and honours the Divine feminine. The healing for us is to examine where we may be exhibiting behaviours of avoidance, aggression, fear of emotions, hyper-independence, competition, domination and control which stems from fear. This is important as we transition from Gemini into Cancer on the 22nd at the solstice.  When we feel the shadow masculine rising within, it is a prompt to connect with our inner Divine feminine and soften into compassion, intuition and the truth of our feelings to balance things out and guide us toward unity.

Now let’s look to each sign for June. Read your Sun, Moon and Rising for a complete picture of the energies you will be playing with this month. Enjoy!

You are right at home in the energies of this month, Aries. Your natural motivation and energy will be directed toward a significant accomplish this month. This is related to a passion project, creative endeavour or life purpose activity. Your energy is strong and you are keen to make things happen.  Your instincts are honed for positive action and your energy will catalyse the flow of Divine inspiration to keep the momentum going. You’ve done enough thinking and analysing and it is now time to take action. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just follow your instincts and ideas. Just do it! You are that passionate, adventurous and fearless Aries we all know and love this month and you are primed to show the world just how brave you are. 

You are strongly connected to Divine secrets and wisdom this month, Taurus. Your intuition is off the charts and you can trust your feelings to guide you in all circumstances. You are best to practice compassionate detachment this month and observe people from a place of non-judgement and non-interference. People need to come to their own realisations about their choices and actions, so your role this month is to hold space for people to explore this and reach their own conclusions. You know that everything is already resolved in spiritual truth, so there is no need to stress, become anxious or be pulled into drama. When you stand in your truth based on how you feel, you will find that equilibrium is achieved almost instantly and you don’t need to jump into the energy of controlling the outcome. Stay in your feminine power, which emanates serenity and a knowingness that everything always works out for your highest good.

This month you will be feeling victorious and proud of just how far you have come with all of your achievements. It is time to reward yourself and celebrate an important milestone after a time of arduous dedication to a project. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves for not achieving something the way we had planned, or in the timeframe we anticipated, but when we do it through times of adversity the accomplishment is that much sweeter! Acknowledgement and recognition from others are coming this month and it is all about bathing in the energy of deservingness. You are more capable than you realise and now you have reached this milestone you can continue to the next one with confidence in the path ahead. When you value and celebrate your contribution and the milestones along the way, you attract even more victorious experiences into your life. Just remember, it happened because you are you, special in every way.

June is a month of planned, deliberate action, Cancer. Slow and steady wins the race this month as you put your plans into motion. Take things one step at a time in an orderly manner, according to your plan and trust that the seeds planted now will bear fruit down the track. Our dreams don’t grow unless we attend to them in practical ways by taking the intuitively guided action steps we know we need to take to make our seeds turn into trees. It is important to visualise the outcome you want, but you need to take action along the way to get there. This is the key to manifestation. You are planting the seeds now and the seasons must unfold as they need to, in divine order, before you will see the fruit. It is the same with people, all you can do is plant the seed in their mind, the rest is up to them to figure it out in their own time and in their own way. Someone may make you a solid offer this month.


Love is in the air this June, Leo! It’s all about two people coming together to experience emotional fulfilment. And we all know you love to be loved and adored! If you are in a committed relationship, expect loving words and gestures to increase this month. Romantic getaways are also on the menu. For singles, you may meet someone this month who truly floats your boat and makes your heart feel at home. This may be with a counterpart that complements your energy in the most magical way. Forget the list and go with your feelings! Love is the highest healing frequency in our universe, and you are overflowing with it this month, Leo. Bring your light and love to all people and situations this month, especially those who need it the most. Look beyond the behaviour and share your sparkle. If you have feelings for someone, it may be time to let them know, ditch the pride and open up your heart because when you do, you are also able to accept love in return. And this, after all, is what you are here to emotionally experience in this life. 

Healing is a big theme for you this month, Virgo. Make time to rest and retreat in order to rejuvenate yourself mentally. This is especially important if you have been experiencing any stress or worry lately. Taking time out will help you to process and come to resolution with things that may have been troubling you. Solutions will come through flashes of inspiration or ideas that pop into your head seemingly from nowhere that will help you move forward with positivity. Be kind to your mind and body. Trust your intuition to know how to nourish them so you can maintain balance. Go to bed early, take naps if you need, it’s all about providing the right environment for your healing. If you have healing sessions, make sure you allow enough down time afterwards for your mind and body to process the release of emotions from your energy field. You are in hermit mode this month and you definitely should not feel guilty for retreating and being in your cocoon. Once the healing is done, a new you can enter the world.

You are shining like the star you are this month, Libra. After a period of pain and healing, you are now feeling very hopeful about your future. You are now in a period of soul growth and euphoric connection to the Divine plan with the ability to surrender to its exquisite timing and magic. The cosmos is calling you to a greater level of authentic expression and you can feel confident of attracting your tribe because of this. Your spirit is free to experience, learn and grow this month, so allow Divine inspiration to flow into your being and settle in those places where darkness once lived. It is time for the true you to emerge into the world and be seen. Trust, faith and belief in your self will ensure you are always on the right path. The universe is calling you to flow your life force energy into watering the minds and hearts of others and creating space for their authentic expression. It is a truly magical mixology of energetic forces you are creating and weaving this month, Libra.

Go after what you want with gusto this month, Scorpio! Be the visionary, inspiring leader you know you always could be. Your creative energy, drive and experience set you up to accomplish anything you desire this month. Take the lead to fire up your entrepreneurial spirit and get creative about how to make a meaningful contribution, either with a work project, spiritual endeavour or relationship. It really is the ideal month to make things happen that have been brewing for some time. Don’t allow yourself to get into your head, otherwise you may lose all courage. This is not the month to take no for an answer. If blockages appear, remain confident that rejection is redirection and adjust your plans on the run. Your personality is magnetic and charismatic this month and it will be very difficult for people to refuse you. Use this to your advantage, Scorpio, but always remain respectful of boundaries. If you’ve been holding back from someone, you are now encouraged to show them your warmth, generosity and passion. Your life is full of excitement this month!

Situations that have been unclear be revealed this month and you will finally be able make sense of something that has remained in secrecy for a while now. Whatever transpires, it will confirm the intuitive feelings you already had about it. The energy around you this month is mysterious, sensitive and psychic. Your emotions will be heightened, especially with the Full Moon in your sign on the 14th, which is a peak time of emotional release and finally letting go of something that has plagued your mind and heart for some time. This is most likely to do with grief and loss. Work with the Moon’s cycles this month to regulate your emotional energy. Your feminine energy is powerful in June and you will have powerful psychic insights. Be sure to nourish yourself emotionally and spend time in the company of those who protect and value your sensitivity. What others see in you is only reflecting what you have inside of you already.

The exhilarating highs of love and romance boost your energy and vibration this month, Capricorn! There is a peak love experience coming your way in June and you are likely to receive communication from someone who wants to express their feelings for you. If you feel you could open up your heart to someone you like, then this month you are supported to do just that. Singles may meet someone with romantic potential and it could be a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. It is all about grand gestures of love this month and being brave to express your feelings. If you already have a significant other you may share a romantic experience which makes you fall in love with your partner all over again, deepening your connection. A message of love will rock your world in the most wonderful way!

This month is all about adopting an attitude of gratitude, Aquarius. Especially as you may be feeling disappointed about how a particular situation turned out or the way someone has behaved which may have caused you to lose hope. Instead of wallowing in this pessimism, focus on the wonderful life you have by invoking a daily gratitude ritual. The universe has a higher plan and you are only feeling let down because you built up your expectations and attached your mind and heart to a particular outcome. If you want more for your life, that’s great, start from a point of being happy with where you are and be grateful for experience that has shaped you. Disappointment is the universe’s way of guiding you toward something more fulfilling. It is a process of surrendering to the higher plan and trusting that whatever, or whomever, is meant for you will never pass you by. Your gratitude for the blessing in this lesson will turn your situation around.

Emotional safety and security are coming your way this month, Pisces. You are feeling content in yourself and this emanates through all of your relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Sharing time with loved ones will be high on your agenda in June and you may even be reunited with people you haven’t seen in a while. You intuitively know how to attend to your emotional needs and those of others as you express your compassion and kindness. You will feel a sense of belonging with your soul tribe this month too as you experience blissful, meaningful connections with like-hearted people. Singles may encounter a fated connection this month and it is someone you have been manifesting unconsciously. This person will spark a huge rapture of unconditional love in you, unlike anything you’ve ever known before. It truly is a divinely orchestrated, deep soul connection. This month is all about allowing the people you love to support you to become the best version of yourself possible. Love and joy are always available to you, just drop into your heart space. 

These Soul Scopes are an intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology which reveals the potential of cosmic forces that contribute to each person’s unique soul blueprint and evolutionary path in this life. Marion uses astrology to provide greater understanding of the universe and deep self-acceptance for all her clients. To book a personal reading with Marion, go to: https://www.themarionhutton.com/services/ For media appearances, collaborations and all other requests, email Marion directly at: hello@themarionhutton.com.

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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