New Year’s Most Important Intention

by Elena Puntaroli, psychologist, author and speaker in Australia and Italy

The most important intention to set for this 2015 (and for every day) is to focus on what is most important for you, your desires. By that, we mean something that makes your heart sing and that is calling you. It is what your soul is craving for and makes you feel good. Set your intentions based on your heart’s desires: what would you like to welcome in your life and what do you stand for in 2015?

Don’t think that you do not have the tools, the chance to realize it or that you’re not meant to live your dreams. Because when you feel that life is calling you … follow it! It is part of your life path and you’re not here to miss your Life. You are here to embrace it, to live it and love it.

At the end of this life time, the fact that you have followed or not followed your desires, will make all the difference. You will not think of anything else as you’ll clearly see what made your life full and worthwhile.

So go for your passions, follow your gut and stand for what you feel. You are not incapable, too old or too late, this is the perfect time for everything you want or ever wanted: believe in yourself and in what you feel inside.

Whether you long for a new relationship or to improve the one you’re in by bringing more clarity and communication or whatever you want: we are talking about daily desires, not only big ones.

We want to share a personal example from New Year’s Eve. We were pondering the idea to spend that day in Brisbane with friends, but that morning we felt a strong desire to be at home and to have the whole day for us, to relax, to swim in the pool, to write, listen to some music and meditate.

Thus we changed our programs and we had the most blissful day, everything was flowing like in a magical and timeless day. We did not even stay awake until midnight, as we focused our attention on a fresh start on January 1st. It was something totally new and unexpected, which filled our hearts with pure joy.

This happens when we set the intention to feel good and we are willing to do everything it takes to go in that direction.

We wish you a magical 2015, in flow with your deepest desires!

Much Love,

Elena and Lorenzo Sbrinci


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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