November 2022 Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – The Soul Awakening Strategist

The cosmic themes for November are pleasure and pain. We shouldn’t be surprised by this as it is Scorpio season after all, the sign of transforming pain into power. Scorpio has us going deep into our shamanic selves, to face our pain and trauma, and emerge infinitely more powerful and connected to the force of our soul’s light.

In the first part of November, there is an uneasy energy as Scorpio season stirs up deeply held feelings. We begin the month with the Mars retrograde which commenced at the end of October. This is a time of discernment about where we are directing our energy, based on out-dated thinking. Anything that is not in alignment with our idea of the new world we want to experience, will be cut off now so we can make way for new horizons. Where we feel drained or exhausted is the area of life we must look at now until mid-January and gather insights into how we can do things differently in the longer term as Saturn influences this later in the month. Neptune is also providing whispers of Divine guidance at this time, urging us to follow the path our heart desires. This may be easier said than done as our daily responsibilities and realities of the world’s economy take effect on us personally, keeping us in jobs and situations that are safe and predictable yet not fulfilling on an emotional or spiritual level.

On the 8th, the Full Moon (lunar) eclipse in Taurus illuminates our feelings of self-worth and how much we value ourselves. We will be able to see where we have leaked power due to fear and insecurity. Relationships will end or transform as a result and we must not be afraid of allowing old energy to die off so we can attract the right people into our lives who we can completely trust. Grief and anger are heightened at this time as well, so be gentle with yourself. This eclipse will be intense, but your future self will thank you for taking the time to process, release and heal as ultimately this is a necessary upgrade for our lives.

Mid-month we have some gorgeous cosmic love to restore us with Venus in Scorpio harmonising with Jupiter in Pisces. This is a deeply intimate and romantic period where we can meet soul mates, heal past hurts and reunite with the love of our lives if we have been in separation from them. Feelings that may never have been expressed may overflow now and random acts of kindness fill up our emotional cup.

Toward the end of the month, we move into Sagittarius season and our energy begins to feel more optimistic and ready to enjoy life again. Now let’s look at how the energies of November relate to you. Read your Sun, Moon and Rising for a full picture of your month ahead. Enjoy!

A new opportunity in your career or life path adds plenty of excitement to your life this month.  This is your chance to create something truly amazing in your life that reignites your creativity, inspiration and passion. This is a time to follow your instincts and taking positive action before you can overthink or talk yourself out of it. This could also be a new person entering your life, who will energise your spirit and make you feel alive again or someone from your past wanting to light the spark of passion with you again. This month you are finding your love for life again and wanting to get out and explore the world once more with a curious mind and open heart. Enjoy the exhilaration and excitement this life-affirming energy brings!

Emotional contentment surrounds you this month as you share loving and joyful moments with those closest to you. You are filled with love and forgiveness and intuitively know how to attend to your emotional needs and those around you. There is a sense of deepening trust as loving bonds are strengthened by getting through adversity and tough times together, buoyed by love. A wonderful feeling of security and belonging in all relationships – family, close friends, lovers and spouses. Singles may experience a destined or fated meeting this month with someone who feels like ‘home’. There is positive news for people seeking to settle down and create a family or purchase a new home this month.

A personal wish you have been secretly keeping in your heart takes flight this month. It is time to really feel into this dream, charge it with emotional energy, and feel the joy of manifesting it into being. Allow time to listen to the whisper of your intuitive feelings and do not dismiss anything that seems unattainable. Dreams are only that until they are achieved. If you can dream it, feel it, believe it and have unwavering faith that the universe will provide, there is no wish too big! You deserve the happiness and unbridled joy that following this dream will provide. This is all happening because you loved yourself through recent trials and tribulations and are feeling that you deserve the magnificent bounty that the universe has for you.

A light-hearted, playful energy is with you this month and there will be something to celebrate that brings you emotional happiness and connection with those you love and cherish. Reunion energy is also around you, so you may attract people from your past. This is a wonderful time for social activities and good old-fashioned fun, carefree times with friends. The clear message this month is to experience fun with others and reconnect with your joy for life. Close friendships which provide you with emotional comfort and a sense of belonging are important this month and you may even meet someone who feels like soul family. Revel in the emotional nourishment of special people who celebrate you and everything you are. Someone may seek to reunite or reconcile with you, this could be an old flame, family member or friend.

Take time out this month to tend to your inner world and listen to your inner voice. It is guiding you through a period of uncertainty and confusion. Your inner guide lights the way this month, helping you to reach a decision that feels right for you. You can consult others, but in the end it is your own wisdom that knows the perfect answer or solution. This is a time of solitude, of retreating to your inner sanctum to connect within and discover new things about yourself, and trust your soul to light the path ahead. Meditation and silence are you go-to activities this month when you feel overwhelmed, needing to find your still centre or practice radical self-care.


A spirit of generosity surrounds you this month. If you have a tendency to be a giver, be prepared to receive! It’s all about the equal exchange of energy in relationships this month. Manage your energy with discernment, especially with those who have a record of constantly drawing on your time, energy and other resources without giving back. It may be time to put some healthy boundaries in place and lovingly enforce them. Someone from the past who didn’t have the capacity to give to a relationship the way you deserve may come back into your life this month with an offer. They may just surprise you with what they have to give now. Giving and receiving in equal measure.


This month you are filled with confidence and passion as you make things happen in your life that bring you a great sense of achievement. Raise your vibration by tapping into the energy of fire this month to motivate your actions, burn away stagnant emotions and fully trust your instincts to carry you forward. Express your creativity and boldness, without caring how others perceive you, be loud and proud! There is no room for doubt or insecurity as you take inspired action toward what you want this month, you are extremely capable! Nobody else can do the job you can, believe that. Your creativity and sexual energy is amplified this month, so immerse yourself in those activities that ignite your joy and make you feel truly alive in the juiciness of life! You can accomplish anything this month with an open heart and passionate, forward movement to create the momentum to overcome any hurdles and propel you toward success.


This month the universe is asking you to slow down and stop forcing things to happen. Divine timing is at play here, so the more you can surrender and accept the bigger forces at play, the better off you will be. Trust that sometimes situations or relationships need time for individual contemplation, integration and higher awareness. Your dreams provide powerful insights and future visions this month too, especially around the 23rd, so keep a dream journal to help you decode the cosmic messages. Magical happens when you surrender to the Divine Plan, knowing that the universe always has your back. It will deliver your wish, or something better, this month.

Abundance flows to you this month in the form of money, time, energy or helpful people. This is the ideal month to begin a new venture which is aligned to a higher purpose and provides a new source of income. A new job or promotion is also indicated, as is a new regime or approach to your physical health. It is also an ideal time to make an investment, so be open to any signs that stand out to you as this is Divine guidance opening your eyes to new streams of prosperity. November is the perfect time to put practical measures in place to set yourself up for financial freedom or achieve a long term goal. The universe is providing a number of opportunities this month to help you upgrade your life. It will be up to you to decide whether to accept them or not. If it’s not a “hell yes” then it’s probably not worth your investment. In the end, you need to do what’s right for you.

You are very aware of the power of your mind this month, especially when situations arise that could have you spiralling into fear, guilt or anger. There may be the tendency to self-sabotage through short-term thinking or insisting that you are right. You may win the battle with this attitude, but at what cost? You will need to stop and carefully consider your words before instigating an argument this month, because you may say something you’ll regret. Your words are weapons this month and your buttons may be easily pushed. It will be important to not get drawn into petty conflicts, maintain your composure through silence, knowing that pulling your energy back is necessary to heal the situation.

This month you will start to see the tangible results of something you have been working on for a while. This is a time of significant growth in your mastery of the physical and material world. The power of creativity and teamwork brings a dream to life. As you see positive results, you will know that you are on the right path and can invest more time, energy and resources into this project to see it through to its fullest potential. In relationships, someone may seek you out as they see your value and want to work with you to build something meaningful. It’s all about having confidence in your capabilities and trusting that the right people will appear at the perfect time when help is needed to progress you along your path.

Your curiosity is at a peak this month and you may be inclined to research an area of new knowledge or commence a course of study. It is a month of learning, questioning and understanding the world around you more deeply. Connecting with like-minded people will stimulate your intellect and imagination this month too. There may be delays or changes to plans but be open to the idea that it may be the universe nudging you toward something better, or giving you time to refine plans to make them better. You may receive a Divine download through a flash of insight this month that turns out to be a brilliant solution to a problem you’ve been mulling over for a while. You would be wise to write it down and look at ways you can implement this idea from mid-January.

These Soul Scopes are an intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology which reveals the potential of cosmic forces that contribute to each person’s unique soul blueprint and evolutionary path in this life. Marion uses astrology to provide greater understanding of the universe and deep self-acceptance for all her clients. To book a personal reading with Marion, go to: For media appearances, collaborations and all other requests, email Marion directly at:

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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