Nurturing Healing Vibes by Rebecca McQuilty

A holistic journey with Bio Resonance Frequency Medicine and Psychic Counselling.

In the dynamic realm of holistic healing, where ancient wisdom meets cutting edge technology, I have embarked on a transformative journey as a Neurolinguistic Kinesiologist and Holistic Counsellor.

My approach goes beyond conventional methods, delving into the realms of intuition and psychic insight whilst harnessing the power of bio resonance frequency medicine.

In this unique fusion, I have discovered a holistic tapestry of healing that has reshaped the lives of my many clients.

At the heart of my practice, lies bio resonance frequency medicine, a modality that resonates with the natural frequencies of the body.

Through a state of the art device, the AO scanner, I delve into the subtle vibrations that govern our physical, emotional and mental well-being. By identifying and harmonising these frequencies, I help my clients achieve balance and restore their innate vitality.

What sets my practice apart is the intuitive and psychic space I create during our sessions. With heightened sensitivity and empathic perception, I tap into the energy fields that surround us, unravelling the intricate web of emotions, trauma, and blockages, that often allude traditional therapeutic approaches.

This intuitive connection acts as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path to profound healing.

Incorporating bio resonance into sessions, allows me to fine tune my interventions based on the unique energy imprints of each client. By addressing the core imbalances that hinder their well-being, I facilitate a transformative process that extends far beyond the physical realm. Through intuitive guidance, I navigate the complexity of their subconscious, helping them confront suppressed emotions and unresolved issues.

My clients do not merely leave their session with a sense of relief, they depart armed with tools to continue their healing journey. One such tool is the revolutionary Emotional Balance Scan. This is a personalised offering that encapsulates the essence of the emotional imbalances within the body. Through the scan, a musical composition is created, then embedded with specific frequencies tailored to their energetic needs. This in itself is powerful.

The emotional balance scan serves as a musical remedy, infusing their souls with harmonious frequencies that promote emotional equilibrium. This musical therapy becomes a constant companion, guiding them through the ebbs and flows of their emotions. As they immerse themselves in this, therapeutic melody, they discover the power to regulate their emotional states, fostering a deep sense of self-awareness, and inner harmony.

In conclusion, my holistic approach as a Kinesiologist and Psychic Counsellor  transcends the boundaries of conventional healing.

By integrating bio resonance frequency medicine with intuition and psychic insight, I offer my clients a transformative experience that rekindles their inner light.  Empowered with the emotional balance scan, they embark on a self-discovery and emotional healing journey. Together, we navigate the intricate dance of energies, illuminating the path toward holistic well-being and self-realisation.

Current offering to Holistic Bliss Readers
(offer and 31 December 2023)
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Bec McQuilty

Bec McQuilty is a psychic counsellor/kinesiologist & founder
of Frequency Soul Collective. She loves sharing about all areas
of bio resonance, frequency & energy.

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