Part 1: Father and the Portal to Success and Happiness by Rebecca-Lee

We cannot heal the feminine without healing the masculine. There has been so much happening in our collective around movements such as #metoo and further liberating and healing of the feminine. In this, we also are invited to address the wounding of the masculine, for both men and woman. Who is the most significant masculine in our lives? Our Fathers. 

Whether we know him or not; whether we love him or not; whether we think about him or not; whether we respect him or not. On a Soul level our connection to our fathers is what gives us strength to manifest and bring forth our goals in life. 

There is no doubt that even thinking about the father will be triggering and for some of you traumatising. You may notice certain feelings and sensations rise within you. Take a moment and feel into what they are, and then ask yourself if these are the similar feelings you have when you try to assert yourself or achieve something in the world? 

Unfortnately the Father is one of the most excluded people in families. Sometimes of his own doing and actions (or inaction) and other times not. This is often systemic and often the men, just like the woman, are carrying incredible burdens that stem back into the family.

Whilst your Mother is crucial to your survival when you are young, the most crucial bond after your Mother is your Father. The energy from your Father to you, gives you an important “strength” that helps you move through life, and it can only come from him. The energy of the father brings a feeling of happiness and also confidence. Whilst “taking in” our Mother is important for us in order to receive and be loved; “taking in” our father is crucial for us to have the strength to succeed, move forward, and to give love. 

If your Father was not present, or your mother did not allow you access to him or he was too dangerous, not available physically or emotionally, you may have grown up rejecting him as your Father. When we reject who our Father is we are rejecting a part of ourselves (it is the same with our Mothers). It is as if only half of us are worthy. If you reject both the mother and the father, it is likely you will have strong issues around worthiness as you will be rejecting all of who you are. 

When we reject our parent’s we often try and fill that inner void with external things such as things we get addicted to; drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex, exercise etc.

The journey of “taking in” your Father will not be an easy one for many of you. Taking him in is a deep inner process that we need to go through if we want to succeed in life. It is always a choice you can make. Not everyone is prepared to take that journey and I completely understand that. By taking the journey we open a door to the masculine energy in it’s purest form, and we integrate these qualities within us that will help us – how we are in the world, and what we do in the world.


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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