Realising My Spiritual Gifts by Tonia Reeves

For most of my life I realise I was asleep. This realisation only became apparent in my early forties. It was a hard pill to swallow. Why didn’t I get it earlier? Why didn’t I understand the signs? Because by God they were there, over, and over again!

The feeling of being watched was always present, as well as being scared of the dark and hearing the unexplainable at night. I remember having the inexplicable knowledge my first real boyfriend was cheating. So I pretended his mate had told me what he was up to, and all of a sudden he blurted out the truth to which I was gob smacked. I didn’t think about that realisation before tricking him into confessing his infidelity. Then there was the time a gorgeous long-time client passed away after a battle with cancer. I knew she had only days left, but the most random song came over the radio one night that was connected to her, which made me jot down the time on the clock. I felt she had passed. Sure enough the next day I got the call to say she had passed and the time confirmed.

Whilst in my early hairdressing career I received many of these feelings, hunches, that turned out to be correct. But I never second guessed how I knew.

Ever since the day I put my hand up to do a beginner’s psychic development class, my life has made way more sense. I now hear this often when I teach others how to develop this side of themselves, it’s not an uncommon story. You can probably relate too.

You don’t have to put your hand up and commit as I have to spirit and take it all the way! It’s not for the faint hearted. But then again I’ve never shied away from a challenge, maybe being asleep in my early life gave me a foundation from which to jump at the right time. Who knows!

If there’s one thing I can say about my journey to get to where I am today, is it has been crazy! It’s been unexplainable. It’s taken me to places I would never have imagined. But you know, sometimes I will get reminded by my guides and my mum in spirit. It shows up like a faint whisper in my ear, ‘You were born for this’, and that’s when I stop take a breath and just sit in the wonderment of it all.

Tonia Reeves, Australia’s Cowgirl Medium
Phone: 0419131714

Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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