Relax and Repair by Debbie Webber

Did you know that massage affects every system of your body?  When you experience feelings of relaxation, that the power of touch generates, you begin to repair your body and reset your health.

The nervous system is the body’s command centre.  It includes the brain, the spine and a cellular network of neurons that act as communicators.   The nervous system controls our movements, our breathing and all body systems such as digestion and reproduction.  Basically, your nervous system governs all aspects of your body and mind.  When you experience anxiety, disease and stress your entire nervous system is at risk of affecting your overall health.

Massage can be a wonderful tool to activate your nervous system in a healthy way.  Through the power of touch, massage stimulates the autonomic nervous system to return the body to a sense of balance.  When your nervous system is overstimulated, therapeutic massage is a natural method to repair and restore the body’s functions. 

Nerve cells in the skin are activated through massage, causing a cascade of responses starting with signals sent to the brain.  Happy hormones and endorphins are released generating feelings of relaxation.  The sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the fight and flight response is deactivated and the parasympathetic nervous system is switched on which results in the body slowing down and creates a feeling of calm and wellbeing.  As the body relaxes, it can move to recovery and repair. 

Being able to balance your nervous system gives you back control of your health.  And massage is a simple and effective way to reset your nervous system.  Massage really can promote health and wellbeing.  It is not just for sore muscles.  It is a full body therapy.

While the full effect of massage will be dependent on the individual, there is no doubt that massage improves the nervous system and your health.  Book your massage with us at Zen Chi today.

Debbie Webber

Debbie Webber is the pioneer of award winning wellness centre, Zen Chi Therapies and each month one of her team members will write about the modality they specialise in at Zen Chi.

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