Rest, Reconnect, Remember by Kate M Foster

My beloved husband and I have just returned from running our annual retreat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful island in Fiji. By some unknown grace may the peace, healing and joy of island time settle into your being as you read these words.

The days were gentle, slow and brimming with connection. Island time is a deep exhale, a reset button back to what truly matters. From the moment you wake, until your head rests upon your pillow, nourishment wraps you. Time melts away. There is no need to know what tomorrow may bring, for today is already enough. There is space to remember that I am already enough too. All that is needed for peace to return is that I be willing to learn and discover what precious gifts exist in my heart that wish to make their way out into the world.

Somehow by creating space and caring for me, everything else is taken care of.

I love sharing this special place. Every time I visit here a part of me heals and remembers the truth. I remember the stillness and peace that always exist in my own heart. I remember that there are times that we all forget what matters most. Carving time out to share this ‘Invitation to Trust Retreat’ is a container that holds me and all the participants with gentle kindness. We support each other and find our own unique way back to happiness, peace and joy. We share together, remembering that the meaning we yearn for lies here now and nothing more will ever be required for us to take our place as equals in this ocean of life.

Leaving my day-to-day responsibilities and listening to all of those parts of myself that have been desperately wanting my attention, is a clear doorway to all I yearn for time and time again. I wonder why we are not taught to care for ourselves in this way. My unwavering intention is to create events and retreats that support others to remember the truth of their hearts. We are all worthy of living our best lives and each of us carries the responsibility to make this world the place we dream it to be.

Together we must rise up, sharing our gifts for the benefit of all.

So let us dare to leave some space in our lives. Maybe with simplicity, gratitude or other blessings will grow? What if, like the Fijians, we were slower to move and faster to laugh? Maybe like them, we can each adopt a little more “No worry, no hurry” into our lives and see what unfolds? Take care beautiful people. All love, KMF.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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