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Tyler Tolman is wowing his audience during a stage presentation on the Gold Coast. He’s explaining how and why our diet and body’s portals of elimination lead to, and indicate good health, or otherwise. Deadpan, he suddenly raises an arm in the air, burrows his face smack into his armpit, and takes a long, loud inhalation. Then with a huge grin, he exhales and triumphantly confirms, “and that’s why my armpits smell like… fresh strawberries!” The crowd erupts with laughter. Again, yet another gem of a teaching is brilliantly conveyed with Tyler’s typical tenacity and trademark transparency.

Tyler Tolman could well be one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see on stage. His stand-up routine, Swiss watch timing, delivery and high octane/adrenaline-charged performances showcase shear comic genius. Think of legends like Jim Carrey, Jerry Lewis, Chris Rock, Robin Williams et al, and you’ll get an idea of the firebrand style that is Tyler Tolman.

However, unlike these legends, side-splitting humour and punchlines are definitely not Tyler Tolman’s main attraction; they’re just a nice bonus.

Tyler’s overarching message is way more serious, profound, and urgent. His teachings are dramatically relevant to these exciting, awakening times.

Tyler is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur, practitioner, media personality, and event facilitator of all things related to health, wellbeing and success. He is also a loving, devoted husband and father, and is powered by a lifelong, almost insatiable desire to usher in a worldwide appreciation, understanding and application of powerful healing modalities, brought into modern being through the fusion of modern science and ancient wisdom.

Background, qualifications and experience? For starters, he is the legendary Don Tolman’s son. That kind of lineage and shared DNA is impressive, but it does not define Tyler. While he’s clearly a chip off the old man’s block, Mr Tolman 2.0 is a 100% stand-alone guy. Don agrees: “Tyler’s not standing in my shadow… he’s keeping that torch brightly burning and taking it to new levels.”

Tyler has spent decades travelling the world devoting his life to studying, unearthing and applying ancient and new teachings and healing modalities. Today, his world-renowned techniques and technologies impart healing outcomes that mainstream medicine can only describe as impossible, inexplicable or downright miraculous. A committed vegan, qualified iridologist, voracious researcher and fasting expert, Tyler has a special fondness in his heart for Australia and our citizens. Moreover, he doesn’t feel uncomfortable, legally or ethically, in using the word ‘heal’ when describing his treatment outcomes.

“Australians spend in excess of $140 billion annually on treating symptoms…” he rues, “Most of us have grave suspicions of medical /pharmaceutical industries that we are just too afraid to question.

“According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, currently one in two Australians will be diagnosed with diabetes or cancer in their lifetimes.”

On the subject of cancer, Tyler is a dynamo. His explanations about the origins, the ‘hows and whys’ of cancer, how and why the disease proliferates, and why mainstream medicine dismally fails to treat it successfully, are profound, sobering and enlightening. Tyler is not grandstanding when he solemnly declares, “I know, in my heart of hearts, that what I’m doing, and what I’m teaching… will prevent any of us from ever getting cancer…”

If you think this statement is grandiose, please spend some time online reviewing spectacular healing testimonials, from countless individuals throughout the world, who have applied Tyler’s modalities to their own chronic diseases and illnesses.

In Tyler’s opinion, the “proof of a practitioner’s skill and wisdom rests with those he or she treats”. In Tyler’s case, he has amassed firsthand accounts of clients who have been successfully healed from diseases including (but not limited to) brain cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, Lyme disease, motor neuron disease, obesity, hypertension, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diabetes and psoriasis.

What is especially comforting, however, is that Tyler doesn’t take direct credit for any of these stunning outcomes. He is merely a teacher, mentor, conduit and/or facilitator. He makes the point with this ultimate ‘heal thyself’ truth: “Your body has all the answers! It’s time to return to truth…unfortunately some of the traditional medical techniques leave no room for your body to do what it needs to do – and that is heal itself.”

The scope, breadth, variety and magnitude of Tyler’s services for the healing of humanity can be mind-boggling; if ever one needed evidence of someone who means what he says, and says what he means, it’s there throughout his entire body of work!
Tyler offers a variety of live events and healing retreats and you can join his free weekly email called ‘Tyler Talks’ to keep updated with all the regular ‘juice’. And you just may be inspired and empowered to create your own business after being part of Tyler’s webinar: ‘How to build your heal thyself coaching business’ at:

Kath Orman is an accomplished Senior Financial Planner, and founder of Goals and Dreams Financial Planning, in Brisbane. Kath describes her firsthand experience with Tyler’s work: “Whilst attending my first ever Don Tolman Basecamp with my daughter Shelley, we were captivated as the ball of energy that is Tyler Tolman bounced onto stage. Tyler was running a 7-day juice fast retreat in Bali and we made a snap decision to attend. OMG – what an amazing time we had! We experienced a variety of awesome fresh juices every day, gentle exercises on the beach as the sun rose, white water rafting, dancing and so much more. However, the extent of all the knowledge I gained during this time was profound. Learning so much more about the myriad of ways the body is able to heal itself, Tyler provided layers and layers of education that changed our lives forever. The world is so blessed to have Tyler Tolman carrying on Don’s wisdom, but with his own beautiful style, unique teachings, enthusiasm and vitality.”

Paradoxically, all this golden information, while deeply profound, remains strikingly simple! For example, when Tyler challenges us, ‘to become our own physicians.’ He reminds us that one of our goals is to simply work towards ‘opening up’ the body’s four channels of elimination, namely: defecation, urination, respiration and perspiration.

So, if ever we do notice the smell of ‘fresh strawberries’ around our bodies, it could well be concluded we are truly on the path towards achieving optimal health and vitality.

Tyler Tolman’s work is downright revolutionary. Yet as stated it’s based on simple, accessible knowledge and technology that our ancient ancestors knew, practised and taught; with stunning results. Were it not for the likes of heroes like Tyler in our midst, there is every chance these transcendent teachings might forever have been lost in a haze of disinformation, ridicule and unfounded suspicion.

Tyler is a man of many ‘labels’, but a favourite of ours is: ‘…a truth-teller, and one of the world’s leading authorities on health and longevity.’

George Orwell once wrote: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Although we still live in deceitful times, peaceful revolutionaries like Tyler Tolman are here to help us continue pulling down the walls of lies, oppression and manufactured fear. You are indeed a truth-teller, Mr Tolman. Moreover, you are a man of healing! For all these gifts, and more, we gratefully salute you.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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