SELF-LOVE LETTER RITUAL In 4 Easy Steps by Vikki Speller

It’s the time of year when love is in the air! Valentine’s Day, is seen by many as a day of love, filled with red roses, chocolates and romantic gestures, often highlighting our awareness to the relationships in our life or our perceived lack thereof. I’d like to remind you, beautiful soul, that your worth is not defined by your relationship status regardless of what it is; whether you are currently experiencing this journey on earth as single, in a relationship or it’s complicated.

While it’s wonderful to acknowledge and share love with those around us, it’s equally crucial to remember the importance of self-love in a world that often focuses on romantic relationships. Embracing self-love is a powerful and necessary act of self-care. Holding a high regard for self has numerous benefits; it improves both our mental and physical health, helps us set healthy boundaries and to navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience, just to name a few.

Although, as we journey through life, there are those moments where we need a gentle reminder to connect to self and acknowledge the unique and amazing beings that we are!

I would like to share with you a brief outline of my all-time favourite rituals to nurture the soul, allowing you to connect to self in an intimate and transformative practice – writing love letters to yourself.


To complete the Self-love Letter Ritual, you’ll need;

•             Paper or a dedicated journal

•             Pen for mindful writing

•             A few moments for quiet reflection

For those wanting to immerse themselves within the experience you may wish to play calming background music, use essential oils, crystals, burn your favourite incense or light a candle.

Once you’ve gathered your tools and created a comfortable, quiet space where you won’t be interrupted you are ready to begin the ritual of writing a love letter to yourself.

1. Connect to your breath, focusing on relaxing the mind, body and spirit.

2. Spend time on self-reflection, appreciating aspects of yourself and your journey.

3. Place pen to paper with the intention of connecting deeply to self, sharing from the heart all the wonderful and unique qualities that you hold. You may wish to start your letter with Dear self, Dear beautiful soul, or use your name.

4. Conclude the letter writing ritual by either mindfully folding up your piece of paper or gently closing your journal while holding gratitude for yourself.

Affirming the following statement:

‘I am grateful for the love and kindness I show myself and I celebrate the unique qualities that make me who I am’

or any thoughts that align with you.

Let this self-love letter serve as a reminder of your worth, the love you carry within, and the abundance of gifts you share with the world, simply by being YOU!

Feel confident in celebrating the extraordinary soul that is you, and may this act of self-love radiate into every aspect of your life. Remember, as you exchange gestures of love with others, don’t forget to turn inward and embrace the most sacred of relationships, the one with yourself.

If you would like to receive a full copy of the SELF-LOVE LETTERS RITUAL, follow me on Insta and send a DM saying ‘Holistic Bliss, Self-love Letter Ritual’ as I’d LOVE to send it to you!

With love and blessings,

Vikki Speller




Vikki Speller

Vikki is an author, intuitive life coach and guide who empowers women to align their lives and connect deeply within. She has a passion for helping women to uncover their life purpose, cultivate self-love, develop intuition, align their energy and foster healthy habits and rituals.

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