SoulSpeak – The Peaceful Parenting Shift by Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Hi there Peaceful Parents and welcome to Spring 2021!

This season of freshness welcomes in 2021’s biggest time of endings, closures, openings, new opportunities and the beginning of a wonderful new phase we humans are living right now and into 2022. A new Age of Aquarius.

In Jean Sheehan’s Millennium Education teachings, she speaks of these times as having the essence and gift of Abundance. That what we desire, we attract, and our thoughts supported by our actions are the catalysts for all that we desire to be present in our lives, when we are connected to Source, and in alignment with the vibration of that which supports the highest good for all. 

And I digress here as I really wish to do a love filled shout out to Jean for being my Medical Intuitive teacher who has guided me on the path to my truth and trust in self, and the universe on my parenting journey. This has always included writing and sharing with others the profound, and beautiful opportunity that our children gift us when they choose us as their parent in this lifetime.   

We have the opportunity to change the world one child at a time, and it always starts with our journey to self-knowing. I love you Jean and am filled with huge gratitude for all that you be. Your gift to us as individuals and parents in such a huge way is a profound part of your legacy.

As parents, these times are for absolute love in the form of vulnerability. Being your true self. Modelling kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. Being a pillar of forever learning and speaking of the importance for humans to know thyself.

For in your journey to self, the ‘Return to Self’ that Marianne Williamson has guided thousands through, you gain the freedom of self-truth, the power of self-love, and vulnerability of all that you are. And right there, in that space, is the gold of your unique gift as parents in this world.

In your vulnerability, the gentleness in your communication with how you speak – your vocal tones and the words you choose to use; with your touch, and with creating your daily practise to be grounded, centred, and connected, gifts your children the space to feel safe. To feel seen, heard, honoured and respected. 

Unconditional love is the only love and as you practise this for your children, you learn to be that for yourself and all of humanity. You can also reach being that for all of your life on earth and beyond as you travel towards being the unique, Peaceful Parent that is perfect for your family.

My 2021 offer – 3 Consecutive SoulSpeak Sessions at the investment of $1111.11 – continues throughout this year as I gently coach, guide and support you to create your Peaceful Parenting place. All SoulSpeak sessions are bespoke – relevant specifically to you and for you. The opportunity awaits you. The door is open. You are free to step over the threshold and choose the road less travelled – the one that brings more peace and calm to you and your family.   

Less chaos. More calm. Less stress. More ease. MORE FUN, Freedom, and Being in your unique Peaceful Parent energy.

Whether choosing my 2021 offer or a single session, please contact me on or voice message or text me on 0400 169 855.

I look forward to helping you shine! With big love and hugs from my peaceful parent heart and soul to yours.

Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

The Peaceful Parenting Provocateur

0400 169 855

Recommended reading: 

  • ‘The 5 Love Languages of Your Family’ by Gary Chapman
  • ‘Nonviolent COMMUNICATION – A Language of Life’ by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD
  • ‘Democratic Parenting: Evolving Beyond Authoritarian and Permissive Parenting’ by Blaise T. Ryan
  • ‘It Didn’t Start With You’ by Mark Wolynn

Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Donnamarie provides game changing guidance for parenting your children. She facilitates families to bring fun, kindness and happiness back to the family home.

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