Stepping up and Dealing with the Knockers

Have you found something you love doing or found a new way of being only to be shot down in flames by a person who sees your joy as annoying? Some might say you have attracted that person or it’s a mirror of some aspect of you. I think it’s just about being aware or if I have an emotionally charged reaction to this person’s grumpiness or invalidation, I ask, ‘where do I do that or where have I done that in the past?’ And then let it go or use some tools to clear this.

Before I started the magazine I was ‘off the radar’ as I had no real public profile and was not under any scrutiny. Now I have stepped into the public eye, I have really had a chance to look at all sorts of things about myself and on occasion, other people’s judgements.

Sometimes people see what you are being and they are pissed off that you are joyful, successful or have too much energy and they perhaps don’t feel that it is possible to be that themselves (which is not true), or they just think it’s easier to try to bring you down and then everyone can be on an equal playing field with the level of misery experienced.

A really great tool from Access Consciousness is to ‘receive the judgement’ by letting your barriers down and letting the judgement pass through you, so that you are not buying into it as something you believe is true and also not resisting or reacting to it by making the other person wrong. An added bonus is, this can lead to more overall abundance too!

In the past I have felt like hiding at times, and sometimes it can be easier to just be what the other person can handle, as a kindness to them and if it felt light in the moment that was a kindness to me too, but long term, I really see that the ultimate path to walk, is to be the uniqueness that you be, even when others are totally flummoxed by what you are saying, being or creating in the world. When those people look at you and say, “Who do you think you are? That’s weird! That will never work!” You can still keep going anyway……and the fact they have said this is such a gift, even though it doesn’t seem like that instantaneously. In fact, it can be a motivating force that pushes you to be the greatness that has always been there. Who knows, it may even change something in the other person’s world…..if they choose it!

My ideas or projects may not always work…..I really do see though, that the adventure of living is about giving it a go, even if I fall flat on my face…..The most important thing for me is that I take it at my own pace, keep taking those steps forward, be open to the adventure and acknowledge all of the many people that do have my back. A little bit more of me is revealed in the process, even in the face of being seen as different.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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