The Blame Game by Trish Rock

I was there, for decades, playing this game, staying small, staying stuck, remaining unhappy and repeating the behaviour again and again…only to pass that blame on too.

Things are different now.

I take 100% responsibility for my life and how I feel.

Simple…but not easy, especially in the beginning!

Over a decade ago I left the town I was living in, sold my home, my business, and moved away from everything and everyone that was creating my unhappiness.

12 months later I found myself in a small town where I knew no one, was working from home and realised I was still unhappy.

It was then that I knew.

The old saying – ‘Wherever you go, there you are” certainly became very loud and obvious to me and I realised that the source of my unhappiness was me. It had always been me however I was blaming everyone and everything else.

Staying in blame in my life was keeping me disconnected to who I truly was and the power within me (which I was unaware of then) to create the life I craved. Addictions and looking outside of myself for the answers kept me stuck.

The Universe then blessed me with an encounter a year later where I was physically called out for my victim mindset and while it shocked me (and I denied it- consequently running to the first person I could find to tell them my sad story- more blame haha) it changed everything for me too.

I started writing my book shortly thereafter and was diarising many of the processes and changes that were taking place within and without. My story of stepping out of this blame game and victim mindset I had been in most of my life was unfolding and my life was changing.

Taking 100% responsibility for everything that takes place in our life is not easy nor is it an easy concept to truly take in and own. It took me the next 10 years after that to really own my life, who I was, and what I desired and the fact that it was up to me how I felt about it and what I chose to create.

Understanding that the things I could not change about myself or others, I could change my feelings and thoughts around. It was up to me whether I felt happy or not. Also up to me what else I felt about life, myself, circumstances, the external world and my environment.

My recently published best selling book The PEACE Process had a moment in time when it was going to be titled The Blame Game at the suggestion of one of the publishers I presented it to. Felt like a great idea at the time but then I remembered that while I was in this state, I didn’t know it, wouldn’t have admitted to it nor would I have even recognised I was playing that game!

But the result of the inner work I did to claim 100% responsibility for my life brought me a lot of peace and this was the overriding message I wanted to convey through my work. The 5 steps I created, that The PEACE Process is based around, really created quantum shifts in my life and continues to for myself and my clients.

We can’t always recognise if we are in blame or victim but when you feel powerless in your life to change anything, you will most likely be there.

I want you to know however that it doesn’t have to stay that way and if you are ready to claim back your power and create a life you are proud of, then please reach out and let’s get this started for you. Whatever it is you desire, it is already true for you somewhere across your infinite lives and experiences. There is a way there and I can guide you to those quantum shifts.

Email me at or see how we can play together in this game of life here:


Trish xo

Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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