Unleashing the power within by Suzanne Bolton

The amazing side-effects of embracing the language of energy!

I am very excited to be a VIC and get to share with you my passion about energy over the next 12 months.  This first contribution is a little bit about why I do what I do in the hope that it will resonate and spark a shared enthusiasm for YOUR ENERGY!

I love seeing the flow and interaction of energy in our world, and consciously knowing myself as energy has led to a profound and a life changing shift in perception and understanding of the world around me. Embracing this perspective has opened and expanded my awareness to discover new insights and pathways for personal growth and inner transformation.  It has also helped me understand why as I was growing up, I just didn’t have the tools to communicate in a way that made sense to others, leading me to doubt myself time and time again. 

We are using energy ALL the time and the language of that energy ascends any pre-imposed restrictions from stereotypes and beliefs etc. It’s another level of intelligence that sits beyond any form of judgement, polarity, and duality.  It is a language that is constantly in use by all of life and it is literally a language beyond words, it never judges, and it never lies, it just is.

In my years as a kinesiology practitioner, I was working with balancing energy all the time.  The natural evolution of my practice took me, as it does with most practitioners, in a direction developing my own unique path and energy signature. 

Over time I came to realise that whilst there are many amazing energy healers, workers, therapies and practitioners at our fingertips there was a void that needed filling, something was needed to bridge the gap between those who ‘got it’ and those who ‘didn’t get it.’ It felt to me that by denying the existence of energy was to deny yourself from the magic of life itself and that all that was needed was a simple conscious awareness of personal energy.  And so began my quest to champion energy in a whole new way and communicate it in ways that apply in our modern lives with a view to creating more interest to seek what is needed from the vast array of energetic wellness practices in the world today. 

The moment my sessions with clients changed focus from ‘treatment’ based to more energy education I began to have amazing results.  It was like the oil that loosened all the parts so they could start working together.  Integration became so much easier as the head and heart were communicating in the same language.  Connection to soul and purpose escalated to a whole new level as the physical and spiritual were speaking the same language.  Then came the ‘side effects’ of these inner transformations into the external world : lightness of being, greater relationship harmony, solutions to challenges, release of life force, sense of self-direction, excitement for the future, peace with the past, sense of purpose, embracing differences, compassion and empathy without burden … the most significant side effect I noted is the realisation of the power that lies within, and a real desire to become more conscious of where that precious energy is being directed.

So, in a world seemingly brimming with division, my drive and passion is stronger than ever before to be an energy advocate, raise the conscious awareness of personal energy and integrate the energetic dimension into our lives.  Creating a side effect of a colourful vibrant harmonious symphony. 

This is not about changing, it is expanding on who and what you already are, and it begins with energetic self-responsibility. 

Bringing new energy to life is what I absolutely love to do and can’t wait to connect and take you to the next level.

Suzanne offers one to one sessions in person and worldwide via zoom and has just opened up her Soul Perspective Program which is 12 months of personal coaching, mentoring and guidance helping you really shift gear (places for this are limited).


Suzanne Bolton

Suzanne is an inspired kinesiologist bringing her wealth of experience to her new business creation: VitaVi. This new venture focuses on energy education and the expansion of self-perception to recognise and integrate the energetic dimension into modern life. Suzanne is passionate about assisting others to consciously direct their energy towards growth, success and healing.


  • I smiled out loud when I read, “it never judges, and it never lies, it just is.”
    Then you quoted my catch phrase: bridge the gap

    And when I find new people seeking an alternative therapist, when they don’t know what they need, I tell them to find a kinesiologist!
    You are my new Angel. Energy is the answer – holistic-bliss – right there!


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