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“I know, the world will be different when humankind stops suffering. How can technology support us
to upgrade our operating system, without becoming the system?!” – Troy Haines, Transformative Technology Academy

What would you do, if your inner voice whispered, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to serve the planet and thereafter initiate world-wide transformation.”?

Queensland-based humanitarian, truth seeker, writer, entrepreneur and multi-faceted business leader, is one such extraordinary individual who heard the call, grabbed it, and took on the ‘mission’ head on with both hands. Today, Troy is a white-hot trailblazer in the utterly stupendous, stunning human potential program, Transformative Technology.

Transformative Technology may well be one of the boldest, most exciting, emergent, ambitious and all encompassing paradigm shifters currently on the face of the planet. Under the banner of Transformative Technology Academy (TTA), Troy heads up the planet’s ‘chapter’ lead for Queensland.

Preceded by a lifetime of deep immersion in ancient meditation practices (particularly Zen) inspiring and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Australia, winning multiple awards and recognition for achievements in the startup, innovation and ecosystem development sectors, Troy is the embodiment and essence of TTA.

Troy, who also founded theSPACE, an incubator for entrepreneurs, instinctively understands the power inherent in synergistically embracing the heart and the head.

“I grew up with a sense of suffering, even though I had a relatively good life,” he explains.

“My suffering left me confused and overwhelmed by the world… but this is what led me on a path of learning who I was and how to end the suffering in my life.”

Inevitably, Troy’s ‘satori’ moment compelled him to tantalisingly consider embracing ‘the ancient technologies’ (such as meditation) in concert with an array of modern technologies that support and treat, for example, brain wave states, or our crucially vital sleep cycles.

Troy explains further, “Technology is a blessing or a curse. We all see the underlying evils, for instance, within social media… therefore we should support only technologies that serve humanity, so that our use of technology is solely determined by what makes us best evolve as humans.”

Make no mistake – Transformative Technology is a deep, fearless dive into a myriad of riveting possibilities and breakthrough outcomes.

When asked how he would sum up the entire movement in a sentence, Troy nails it: “Fundamentally, we are bringing together science and spirituality!”

Wow, that’s the kind of language Holistic Bliss readers instantly appreciate!

So, what more specifically is Transformative Technology? Simply put, and as per their sumptuously detailed volume of online information, Transformative Technologies are ‘…medically and scientifically validated technologies that support mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving.’

Is TTA a ‘movement’? Is it emergent? And is it pulsating with the incredible potential to unleash unimaginable planetary healing and transformation? Yes, yes, and yes!

It’s also quite the exhilarating ride navigating TTA’s website, online links, articles, videos and references. One can literally be left breathless pondering the future possibilities, the existing milestones and the overarching beautiful hope for humanity. In this sense, TTA is hands-down in a league of its own and unquestionably ahead of its time.

There is simply insufficient space here to itemise all the technologies and services TTA embraces, but here’s a tiny snippet: AI and robotics (for behaviour, mood and learning, etc), networks and computing systems (for behaviour and emotion tracking, etc), medicine and neuroscience (for brain research, neuro-enhancement, happiness engineering, etc), biotechnology and bioinformatics (for brain and gut, depression and DNA, etc), energy and environmental systems (for mentally and supportive cities, offices and homes via light, sound, smell, power, etc), blockchain and digital EMR for psychological data (for tracking wellness and well-being, incentivising behaviour change).

In short, TTA is the most expansive, magnified program of its kind; and a turbocharged networking organisation on steroids. Participants, entrepreneurs and investors include (and are granted access to) medical doctors, scientists, psychologists, psychotherapists, researchers, the latest cutting-edge technologies and peer reviewed material, literature and products.

Troy has real insight and knowledge about TTA’s commitment to synergistically supporting mental health, well-being and humanity.

In the context of the Covid-19 era, Troy knows there will invariably be misinformation followed by mistrust. “This is a perfect opportunity to go into the stillness… to get a greater sense of our intuition, and in the stillness navigate within a world so full of dread and distrust.

“At TTA, we help people access these realms, and shift their point of view to actually becoming an observer. It is literally entering another dimension… and provides humanity with a greater sense of knowing.”

Troy speaks with animated compassion, intellect, clarity, humility and the benefit of his profound life experiences. “Pain in all its forms can be a beautiful motivator.”

He explains how and why TTA is the perfect entity and program for individuals from literally all walks of life. “Anybody who has an interest in building, applying themselves and looking to elevate their human performance and potential is the perfect member.”

Again on the subject of epidemics, Troy argues that “… a bigger epidemic, for example, than Covid-19 is the sleep (or lack thereof) epidemic. Ultimately, consciousness is the big DOMINO. Consciousness is an energy with intelligence. It is all around us in nature.

I am that… and we all are that!”

The TTA includes a no fee/no equity program. There are a staggering 11 technology categories from artificial intelligence to neurotech. “We represent the largest global community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are using tech for expanding joy and possibility.”

Finally, another revelation and passion Troy shared was the importance of appreciating the five key brain wave states and how we daily move from state to state from our peak activity cycle to our sleep cycle.

TTA has the modalities and technologies and techniques to teach participants how to consciously bring themselves in and out of certain states, whilst setting up their day and work place in such a way so they can expertly ride through the flows for maximum attainment of best outcomes.

Transformative Technologies is one mighty melting pot.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists and practitioners and all interested parties are encouraged to apply. As Troy has confirmed, “We are leveraging tech for mental health, well-being and joy.”

Specifically, that includes: preventative healing, up-skilling for the future, stress, anxiety and depression reduction, sleep enhancement, developing self-awareness, resilience, social skills and happiness, embodiment of purpose, self-actualisation, expanded mental and emotional cognition… and that’s just scratching the surface.

The magnitude of this extraordinary movement is a testament of what can be achieved when the heart and brain are utilised in tandem; when science is used to support, not jettison, spirituality, when the two spheres of the brain are intertwined. And when purpose is placed ahead of materialism and profit.

Troy Haines embodies all of these dreams, ideals and lofty, principled pursuits.

Despite appearances… our world is definitely changing. For the better!

Transformative Technologies and the likes of Troy Haines are seeing to that. Will you enter this brave, bold, beautiful world, and unlock your incredible, magnificent desires and possibilities?


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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