The ‘Ideal Day’ for Relationship Renewal by Jo Le-Rose

Throughout my years of guiding couples through their relationship challenges, I’ve come to recognise a common obstacle: the clash of perspectives. Often, partners find themselves ensnared in a tug-of-war, each striving for their viewpoint to be the right one. This battle breeds the four ‘R’s: resistance, reluctance, repulsion, and resentment. When these sneak into the intimate areas of a relationship, disharmony begins to affect every facet of thought, feeling, words, and actions.

To navigate this disharmony and get your relationship back on track without engaging in a battle over who’s right, here’s a constructive exercise: the creation of an ‘Ideal Day’.

Exercise: Crafting Your Ideal Day

  1. Individual Reflection: Each partner should take time to outline their version of an ideal day. This exercise demands attention to detail, considering both the mundane and the extraordinary aspects of daily life.
  1. Shared Vision: Compare your ideal days. Identify and celebrate areas of compatibility, committing to incorporate these shared preferences into your routine. For different interests, explore how you might engage in these activities simultaneously yet separately, such as one partner listening to music whilst the other plays a mobile game. For entirely different interests, encourage each other to pursue these individually, provided they foster trust within the relationship.
  1. Realistic Framework: The items on your list for an ideal day should also reflect your current lifestyle and resources. For example: if you dream of swimming every day but don’t own a private pool, consider how you could utilise local amenities to fulfil this desire.
  1. Daily Responsibilities: Crucially, your ideal day must account for household chores and responsibilities, establishing a fair division of labour. Address any imbalances, such as beliefs of who does the majority of domestic work, to prevent resentment from eroding your relationship.
  1. Balancing Roles: A great tip for achieving instant balance involves the ‘I live alone’ factor. Instead of expecting your partner to take care of something, ask yourself, ‘If I lived alone, would I need to take action on what I see needs doing?’ This approach instantly holds both partners accountable.
  1. Releasing Control: A pivotal part of creating an ideal day together involves each partner learning to let go of the need to control the other’s choices and activities. Reflect on any tendencies to dictate how your partner should spend their day or make decisions for them. Acknowledge these impulses and consciously commit to trusting your partner’s autonomy. This step is about fostering respect and support for each other’s individual preferences and needs, even when they diverge from your own. Embracing this principle can significantly enhance mutual understanding and appreciation in your relationship.
  1. Honouring Authenticity and Consent: To nurture an ideal day includes the ability to honestly say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your partner, remaining true to your feelings and authenticity. This step involves each partner practicing expressing their true desires and limits, as well as actively listening and accepting the other’s stance without judgement or coercion. It’s about creating a safe space where both individuals feel valued and heard, ensuring that consent and personal boundaries are respected. By doing so, you reinforce the foundation of trust and mutual respect, essential for a healthy, thriving relationship.
  1. Embrace Differences: Accept that your partner’s ideal day may include elements you don’t personally enjoy. It’s essential to release judgement and resistance, understanding that their happiness can coexist with yours without compromise.

Summary: By engaging in this exercise, couples can uncover a renewed sense of joy and fulfilment in their relationship. It encourages a shift from conflict of the four ‘R’s to compatibility, allowing each partner to appreciate and support the other’s pursuit of happiness. Remember, the goal is not to lose oneself in compromise but to find a harmonious blend of individual desires and shared dreams. May you both craft a life together that feels like the perfect, ideal day, every day.

Have a great Ideal Day.

Until next month…

Jo Le-Rose

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Jo Le-Rose

Jo Le-Rose has a background in Humanistic Science and a PhD in the field, she has dedicated her life to understanding the depths of human potential and inner transformation.

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