THE PATH OF LIFE by Yvonne Fregon

Gentle people of the world, be mindful of how you conduct yourselves as you walk on the earth. Be mindful of the steps that you take, that they do no harm, no ill-will and no damage to anybody or anything. While you walk with purpose along the path be mindful of others also walking their path.

Sometimes, the way is cloudy – like cobwebs, you cannot see each step as you take it. Like cobwebs – thick. Sometimes you do not know the way, and you may feel lost and forlorn. Which way? Not knowing which way to turn.

Take a deep breath, maybe more than one or two – a few.

Calming – this will help to calm your worries and anxieties about your path and which way to go. And you sit quietly and quietening your mind. Clearing your mind of all doubts and worries and fears.

And soon the way forward will become clearer to you.

Never think you have chosen unwisely, even though you may feel that you have strayed in the wrong direction. You have learnt something, and through the love within you, the light of love within you from the Great Spirit, you will eventually turn the right way and onto the right path.

This is the intent, you know, but not always will the road be straight and easy to navigate. No, there will be many times that you miss your step and turn left or turn right or even turn around and go backwards.

Your purpose is what you learn – this is what is important – what you learn along the way. And know eventually the way will become right for you. You will know when the way is right. And you will also be able to look back at what you learned, the decisions you made, rightly or wrongly. 

But all have a lesson for you to learn and all will help you in your spiritual development and in your personal development, which you are all a part of – spirit and person. You are one.

Though again I say do not allow yourself the luxury of anxiety.

It is wasting your precious moments in time. Shake it away, shake it away with techniques that you must know you possess – with singing and laughter and music or dancing.

Shake off this negativity you bring into your energy field, into yourself without knowing how or why this happens. This is a worrisome thing for you.

Do try to recognise such instances so you can snap yourself out of it.

This is a backwards step for you but a learning as well.

You can do nothing when you are in a state of worry and anxiety.

What will this achieve? How will this help you? How will this help you to solve your problems? Your situation? To solve your anxiety?

Look for the way forward. Look into your heart because the way forward is within you, within your soul, within the love you have for Spirit and for yourself. You have all the answers you need.

Advice sought from others and freely given, is also an opportunity to learn. You may take up such guidance or you may not. But again, learning, taking heart from others and writings.

Learning and asking of yourself when you go within, you will get the answer that you need. So do not tarry and waste the time on downward thinking thoughts. They are of no use to you – they do nothing for your progress.

You can find more about the heartfelt CD Yvie has released, sessions details, as well as her regular blog and gallery at:

Yvonne Fregon

Yvonne (Evie) is the founder of Owl House Arts – heart and soul services. Her purpose is to bring together products and services to bring healing, hope, love and comfort to people anywhere in the world who are having a tough time with life.

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