Peace Pioneer by Vanessa Finnigan

When you receive the deep calling to fully step onto your spiritual path, you live in the world, but you are not of this world. In many ways, the calling is about evolving from within, being connected and living from a heart space.

This has been the rich and deep world Trish has operated from for about thirteen years, and she has inspired countless others to live the life they came here to live.  

And no, it hasn’t always been easy, it requires immense inner strength to release old conditioning, see through illusion and let go of the things which no longer feel aligned. In fact, it can feel like everything is falling apart at times.  

Or is everything falling into place in a more authentic way?

When Trish eventually walked away from her award winning, uber successful nail salon business she created in Canberra, this was where she was being shown how to let go and trust herself. And she did it in different stages.

On a worldly level, the business was a success and so was Trish, and yet there came a time when the nail salon business no longer sang to her soul.   

Trish eventually left behind a world she had known since she was 17 years of age. She had honed her craft as a nail technician which came very easily to her, but it was more than just creating beautiful nails for her clients. She could help people find new perspectives and bring them more peace even at the age of 17. Trish has always had a natural, magnetic ability to connect with people and put them at ease. People feel the immense care and support she gives so effortlessly.

On a personal level, life was exciting and moving fast, she fell pregnant at 18 and was married soon after. With a flair for business and a big vision, she went on to buy her first nail salon at 26 and trained other technicians who went on to also be successful in the field!

At the same time, her twenties were a tumultuous time, with relationship challenges leading to her first marriage ending, getting involved with the ‘wrong’ crowd and experimenting with drugs. Trish’s natural born healing gifts, meant she also had an ability to dive deep within and that allowed her to be motivated to eventually let go of addictions, take personal responsibility, and heal her life.

At 29 she left Canberra, (a year after her daughter Jess was born) and Trish said she was sad selling and leaving her salon behind. Her son Matt had turned 10 and her second marriage was to a man who had sole care of three teens. Family life was full!

Even in the challenging times, she kept putting one foot in front of the other, and a huge shift was occurring, she was starting to realise that cultivating inner peace was what was in her control, rather than expecting others to change or waiting for world peace. 

She didn’t realise it at the time, but even in her formative years, she found a way to follow her intuition. During the ten years she was married to her second husband, she was in and out of ‘Nails’, had a stint in real estate (where she won another award), and then after that marriage ended, she experienced some dark times. “I picked myself up again, bought a home and got my life together again. I then bought, renovated, and sold a few properties. I loved this too and my intuitive gifts helped a lot! When I was in property management, I realised I could sense spirit and found quite a few homes with them – pleasant and not so pleasant ones.”

In 2009 she set up a home salon and this was the year that she decided ‘Nails’ was not for her anymore (even though her business was booming). “I wanted to help people with the intuitive and psychic gifts I finally realised I had and loved. The year my mother and first grandson passed, I had some special encounters with them in Spirit that further encouraged me to pursue more of my gifts and passions and trust my insights.”

She sold the business, her home and ended life there in Warwick, Queensland at the start of 2010 and moved to the South Coast where she learnt web design and online marketing. Whatever she put her mind to, Trish mastered! She created a salon coaching course and book, then started an app development business, and amongst all of that, had several day jobs.

Being a spiritual teacher and pioneer doesn’t just look one way, in fact, Trish is very humble about the magic she weaves, which often leads to realities being shifted with the people she has worked with, even in main-stream workplaces.  Like the lotus flower, she blossoms, even when in a murky environment.

Building new technical skills also allowed Trish to start working more in the field that sang to her soul and lit up her world.  “I didn’t have the confidence in the early days to just do what I loved, as the spiritual industry was different to what I had built in a physical salon industry.”

Eventually her intuition guided her to relocate to Brisbane in 2018, where she moved into a new inspired space and owned her spiritual capacities. Then a year later, at the age of 55, Trish had a dark night of the soul and asked her spirit guides to show her a new way forward…. Magically, Trish received a download of steps to inner peace and since the naming of her best-selling book, The PEACE Process in 2023, these 5 steps are now known as The PEACE Process.

The PEACE process has worked to simultaneously assist her own life as well as the clients she has facilitated.  Starting with the end first and embodying the persona she desired to be (and was already operating from in a parallel reality), is part of what was a game changer for Trish. And it’s part of what makes her 5 steps so dynamic and different to other approaches.  

Since her launch in March 2023, where her incredible book, ‘The PEACE Process’ became an Amazon best-seller, she has recognised what she is really here for.  “Finding peace and helping people with new perspectives and greater possibilities has always come naturally to me and I feel that is how I live my purpose of helping people come back to the love within them and the expansiveness of who they are. The PEACE Process and the teachings around the 5 steps is all in alignment with that,” she shared.

“The challenging times have taught me resilience, faith, self-love and confidence and a sense of value and worth. I have always known I have spiritual support which is such a gift.”

As we open up into this new year, Trish said 2024 is a Universal 8 year, and looks to be a lighter year in many ways and the 8 is like the infinity sign, so there are infinite possibilities moving forward.

To connect with Trish Rock and find out more about her book The PEACE Process or her one on one sessions, please visit: and to purchase Trish’s book, The PEACE process go to:

Learn more about the Peace, Purpose, Potential 8 Week Circles starting on Feb 8th here:


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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  • Have you ever felt you were meant for something else in life? That maybe you were meant for something greater, but were unsure of how to go about finding that spark that lights up your life?

    These are the questions I had been asking myself lately. Quite frankly, I was wondering if a life of peace, abundance and healing would be mine, or would I settle for what had always been, by remaining small and telling myself that my life has already been mapped out, and there was no chance of it changing now.

    Trish Rock and her book, The PEACE Process, entered my life at just the right time. It gave me hope for a better tomorrow and a life that is orchestrated with purpose and self-realization.

    No longer did I have to sit back and allow life to happen to me. With Trish Rock’s 5-Step PEACE process, I am learning to create the life that
    I desire, that was meant for me.

    Trish Rock has been a living example of her principles, taking her to new heights, and wanting to share her journey with all of us.

    I am so grateful to her, as I go through the steps of The PEACE Process, knowing she is here to guide us along the way, and bring us to a place in life that we never thought possible.

    Thank you Trish Rock for the light you shine in this World.

    May you be blessed in ways you never dreamed possible.


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