Not Every Seed is Viable by Alexis Moon

Gardening starts with an idea. Envisioning what you would like to create, to see it come to life.

It can be simple, a little vague or it could be incredibly detailed and focused.

You may dream of this garden to flow a particular way and be quite attached to the path you wish it to follow.

You may sketch or draw your plan, pouring energy and time into a currently intangible idea. Then, proceed to gather the ingredients you believe will help bring your idea to fruition.

Potting mix, compost, mulch, nutritious soil, water and of course the seeds for what you wish to plant. Deciding where to sow your seeds, you general starting with small pots as this gives focused nurturing and then choosing the best spaces to see your plants grow. Being able to change locations if the sun or surrounding environment is working as well as you would like.

You pour your energy and time into creating this space.

But what if some of the seeds you plant, won’t grow?

Even with all the ingredients to create, a seed planted will not always flourish.

Sometimes a seed will not grow and there is no reason that we can ascertain as to why.

Do you then beat yourself up, judge what you’ve done harshly? Try to think of all the reasons why it should and decide it’s your fault that it hasn’t?

Or can you recognise the lessons being shared?

Nature doesn’t judge you. She offers nurturing, guidance and wisdom, if we stopped to listen and got out of our own way.

When we can listen, we can tap into the energies of what’s available.

We are connected to the greater consciousness and all ideas are living in this space, waiting to be tapped into.

We become receptive to ideas that resonate with the frequency we are being at that time.

There is so much available and at times this may feel overwhelming.

You may feel that if you have this idea, you have a responsibility to bring it to fruition.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be you? Would that release the pressure?

You could let go, relax a little and see what is ready for you, rather than feeling you need to action everything that comes to you.

Releasing the perception of ownership of ideas that come to you, relaxing and allowing them to shape how they will, with your contribution and connection to all.

Many people can have similar ideas and will take different paths with these.

Not every path is meant to be taken or is in your best interest to take. Sometimes those ideas are not meant for you and would not work for you, in your current trajectory.

Sometimes an idea is just that. A promise of possibility that my not take root. Just as not all seeds are viable, and we don’t need to know why. Trust that it was not meant for us, at that time.


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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