The Practice by Alexis Moon

(Continuing on from last month’s article, ‘The Invitation’)

The process of life is to experience. We are asked to get out of our heads and try new things.

It’s through experiences that clarity often lands. The movement that shifts us from one state to another.

Practical steps to receive more clarity on what your true desires are:

  • Write a list of what’s in your life currently, that isn’t exactly how you would like.
  • Acknowledge what is, in this moment.

Clear the energy of each item on your list. You can do this in multiple ways, one being a prayer or mantra to release the situation to the universe. We don’t need to try to control everything. By offering these to the universe you acknowledge your role in life. To experience what is offered and to allow the universe to orchestrate the rest.

  • Gratitude

List why you are grateful for these. Look for the silver lining or possible benefits of these experiences.

  • Accept

Know that it is true for this moment and that it can also change. Be present now. Don’t be in such a hurry to move on to the next piece or phase of your life.

  • Awaken

Daydream, write lists of possibilities, imagine how it would feel to be experiencing that thing you are thinking of, now.

  • Listen for the possibilities. Keep an eye open for new experiences to flow to you.

Open your Channels – gifting and receiving with the dance of life.

  • Trust

Trust that you are taken care of, that life loves and supports you. You will always have what you need, at any given moment.

The clearer we become of what isn’t working, the more space opens for new ideas and thoughts to travel to us and land.

In every moment we are gifted opportunities. It’s up to us to see them for what they are and take action.

  • Do a forgiveness process.

Forgiveness is never about the other person, of what you may have experienced from another and how it made you feel.

Forgiveness releases you and takes your energy back from the past.

Your past had valuable lessons but we don’t live there.

We are invited to be present, with what’s happening in our lives, right now.

One process of forgiveness is to write letters.

A 3-stage process.

  1. The first is to vent, to rage and let out everything you feel about what was.
  2. The second, a letter from the perspective of the other side (person or situation)
  3. The third is to write what you appreciate and are grateful for from this person or situation.

You can start with yourself and work up to deeper situations & people you may have been carrying.

You are the creator in your life and are able to change this. You don’t need to hold onto the past and what was. Open up to what is waiting for you.

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Alexis Moon

Alexis Moon is an Intuitive, Healer, Speaker, Interviewer, Storyteller, aspiring Author and is married with 2 teenage sons.

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