A Journey to Reclaim Your Energy and Passion by Sally Holden

Healing from burnout is a journey, often filled with highs and lows. It’s a process that requires patience and self-compassion as you navigate breakthroughs and emotional setbacks. Many people find themselves on an emotional roller coaster, experiencing profound insights one moment, only to be met with grief and anger as they uncover the deeper impacts of their past experiences. It is essential to honour these feelings, giving voice to the parts of us that have been repressed or shamed for years. This expression allows for true integration and healing.

Understanding the Healing Process

The timeline for healing burnout varies widely. It depends on the severity and duration of your burnout, how many times you’ve experienced it, and the amount of rest and recovery you can give yourself. Clients in my twelve-week Thrive program often experience significant improvements in their energy levels, although complete recovery can take longer. Committing to inner work, setting healthy boundaries, and processing emotions are crucial for healing, along with a lot of patience and self-compassion.

It’s important to pace yourself and avoid overwhelming your system. Healing burnout involves changing old patterns of avoidance and over-giving by setting healthy boundaries and changing our deeper belief systems that have kept us stuck in this cycle. Being aware of these patterns and consciously making new decisions is vital. Otherwise, burnout may persist or worsen.

Building Capacity

Think of your nervous system as a cup. Chronic and acute stressful events and unprocessed emotions fill this cup. When the cup overflows, extreme overwhelm occurs, and we lose the capacity to handle everyday tasks, often resulting in dropping into the freeze state, as the body tries to conserve energy and survive. Processing emotions and setting healthy boundaries can help empty the cup. Taking care of your physical body and well-being increases the cup’s size, enhancing your resilience and capacity to face life’s challenges.

Less is More

A key principle in healing burnout is “less is more.” If you’ve been pushing yourself for years, it’s easy to attempt to continue this pattern even during recovery. Pressuring yourself to do all the things and do everything perfectly can lead to overwhelm and failure. Instead, focus on small, manageable changes. Create “doable days.” Implement one small thing, like drinking an extra glass of water each day, and build from there. This approach prevents the exhausting cycle of trying to do everything at once and feeling like a failure when you can’t keep up.

Celebrate Your Wins

Success breeds success. Celebrating every win, no matter how small, can boost your energy and motivation. Burnout often makes us focus on the negative, so consciously choose to celebrate your progress. Write down what you’re proud of each day, whether it’s a small achievement or a deeper level of self-awareness.

Self-Compassion and Vulnerability

Developing self-compassion is a crucial step in healing. You might feel confused and critical of yourself when you’re exhausted and unable to do what you want. Recognize that this exhaustion is a sign of how depleted you are, not a personal failing. Slowing down and giving yourself permission to rest is essential, especially if you had critical influences growing up.

Healing also requires vulnerability. It’s important to acknowledge and feel your emotions, as we feel able to, yes even the painful ones. This awareness of your emotions allows you to make powerful changes in your life to bring you into greater alignment with your authentic truth. Vulnerability also fosters deeper connections with others and helps you develop empathy.

The Importance of Hope

Hope is a powerful healer. Knowing that recovery is possible can provide an immediate boost in energy. Stories of others who have overcome burnout can inspire and uplift you, giving you the strength to implement supportive changes in your life. Hope supports your body’s healing process and can make a significant difference in your journey.

Overcoming Resistance and Freeze State

Resistance often stems from fear. Observing and challenging your fearful thoughts can reduce resistance and create flow and forward movement. When experiencing burnout, your nervous system might enter a freeze state, conserving energy and making even simple tasks feel overwhelming. Recognize this state and use tools such as EFT Tapping and other somatic practises to regulate your nervous system and gently return to a state of safety and well-being.

Healing from burnout is a journey that requires patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to be vulnerable. By making small, consistent changes, celebrating your wins, and maintaining hope, you can reclaim your energy and passion for life.

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Sally Holden

Sal Holden is a best-selling author, kinesiologist and holistic life coach who empowers women to radically improve their well-being and energy on all levels and gives them the skills and strategies to create their most Joyful Life.

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