The Role of Thoughts and Emotions in Health by Vivienne Spanopoulos

At the age of 27, I underwent four sessions of NLP that completely transformed a chronic skin condition I’d had since infancy.  Reflecting on this, I pondered how mere words and playful techniques could induce such profound physiological shifts.

Consider Dr. Joe Dispenza, who, after a serious accident, defied medical expectations through visualization, meditation and mental focus. Overcoming fear and doubt, he regenerated his body, inspiring thousands through his documented journey of healing via meditation practices.

His book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” explores how personal identity shapes our health and life experiences. Changing your beliefs and responses to the world, Dr. Dispenza argues, is essential for biological and existential transformation.  So in order to shift your health, you have to change the way you respond to the world, change your beliefs that underpin your health situation and change your unhelpful reactions and triggers to people and circumstances.  That in order to experience a different life and biology, you have to become that person who supports the new existence.

In cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), individuals exhibit varied physiological responses across different personalities housed within one body.  For instance, in a body that houses 9 personalities, sometimes 2 have severe allergies to orange juice and the rest do not; or some personalities are highly allergic to cats while the others are not at all.  There can be differential reactions to medications; different dominance in handwriting – some left-handed & some right-handed; changes in eyesight; variance of seizure activity; and some personalities can register as diabetic while others are clearly not, all in the same body!

My own experience aligns with Dr. Dispenza’s findings: altering beliefs and associations led to biological shifts within just two weeks. The adage “when you change how you are looking at the world, the world you’re looking at changes” aptly applies here.

Consider how altering mental and emotional frameworks can transcend physical ailments. Our mental states and beliefs often underpin physical dysfunctions; adjusting these templates can catalyze profound changes in health outcomes.

Back in 1997, I attended the Mind, Immunity & Health Conference in Melbourne run by Ian Gawler, a cancer survivor.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Candace Pert, whose work on “Molecules of Emotion” first gave a biological basis for the mind-body connection. This pioneering research showcased peptides as the physiological carriers of emotional states.

Masuro Emoto’s 1999 experiments with water crystals further illustrated the impact of thoughts and words on physical matter, revealing how intention influences molecular structure.

At Scalar Lounge, the multiple bio-active energy fields including scalar waves create a coherent energetic environment that supports holistic well-being. This promotes all levels of our being to try to harmonise with coherence, with zero impedence and causes the incoherent fields to begin to be addressed. 

Regular attendees experience unique transformations, on all levels of their being, as when energetic balance is restored, everything is brought to harmony.

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Vivienne Spanopoulos

Vivienne Spanopoulos has been in the health industry for over 30 years. As an international yoga teacher, bioenergetics & detox practitioner, Vivienne returned to Australia from Singapore to open Scalar Lounge, a 24-unit EESystem, offering multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields.

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