The SELF Mask Story by Kathy Wise

In 2020, I founded SELF Mask after what was one of those light bulb moments, the kind that you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing at the time. It was a vision that was close to my heart. What I wanted to do was create a product that would offer a unique blend of subliminal positive messaging, wellness, relaxation and left you feeling rejuvenated through its anti- aging properties.

What inspired this journey were simple yet meaningful things: a beloved eye mask, invaluable advice, enduring friendships, the profound impact of a good night’s sleep, and the importance of taking a few minutes for oneself for deep self-care and awareness.

SELF Mask didn’t happen overnight, and at times during the whole creation process I wondered if the product itself was ever going to materialise. Reflecting on it all, from the initial idea, to now – the actual physical product to share with the world, was created from a series of steps, actions, happy accidents, and miracles. There was also the culmination of things done before and drawing upon things I’d learned. This came through self-development, styling, business & property dealings, networking, sourcing. And then there was the new, which continues to be the most daunting, but also gets me out of bed and has me up until late, doing happy dances in the night when the challenge of the new is conquered – so lucky to have access to an awesome eye mask that takes away those puffy eyes!

​The thing is SELF Mask isn’t your ordinary sleep mask. It’s a ground-breaking creation, meticulously crafted from a specialised copper-infused fabric material. The colour of the mask was my happy accident as when they sent the second prototype, they had run out of material so had to made it from black and white. It was perfect as it made the mask genderless.

But what truly sets the mask apart is the integration of subtle, yet powerful subliminal positive messages woven into the fabric. It’s all about ensuring comfort, promoting healing, enhancing the skin, and fostering a positive mindset.

SELF Mask, the business, also fosters change and freedom in me, an example this week that had my knees knocking together was writing this article and approaching an incredible Australian Actress struggling to sleep for an opportunity to trial and review….she said yes!!

​Ethical manufacturing is at the core of SELF Mask’s values, taking pride in producing our products in small, quality-assured batches, with packaging that is eco-conscious.

​The international recognition we’ve received so far is truly heart-warming, but this is just the beginning of our journey. The commitment is to evolve into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, with an ever-growing array of product categories that have subliminals enhancing the limitless freedom of the user.

​My passion for self-awareness and expansion is the driving force behind this endeavour. I wanted to offer a high-quality, innovative product that is an affordable touch of luxury that you can take with you anywhere, reduces wrinkles, creates the perfect motivation for personal growth and relaxation, and inspires the importance of taking a little time for oneself.

To find out more about SELF Mask please go to:

Kathy Wise

Kathy is a Qualified Counsellor, Top Selling Real Estate Agent, Property Investor, AirBNB Super Host, and Founder of SELFMask – an innovative company that has created a world first Sleep Mask, fusing anti-aging technology, personal development and positive subliminal messaging.

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