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I went to see Eckhart Tolle again. It was quite a humorous night, much more than you could think of, although depending on the person, in my row anyone but me barely laughed.

He told the same truths, and some new funny examples. I quote him below, with no comments; these are pretty self-explanatory or maybe I will unpack these later on. If one or some of these talks to you get a copy of, ‘The Power of Now’, for more. I am pretty sure it’s in almost every language in the world.

I got this book when I was 23 from my yoga teacher, and I am still reading it sometimes. I can see now that what changed for me, I got the sense as if everything has a life in it, everything.

I was ‘dumped’ to my grandparents’ farm for every summer holiday until I was 12. There wasn’t much to do there, so you just talked to the bees on the flower beds sometimes, so maybe I had the simplicity of living already then actually.

“Most people live through memory and anticipation.”

“Concentrating on time makes you miss life. Being lost in time. Time is for the space of doing.”

“People are living life as by script, as they’ve been taught, by the conditioned mind, and then trying to adopt the same script to all life situations. You are acting out of script; so, where are you in your own life?”

“You are completely identifying with that, never finding out who you actually are. Usually the script is inherited from your parents. You are unhappy. You will suffer and make others suffer around you. Childhood emotional pain body becomes part of the ego and starts to reappear throughout your life.”

“Physical body is a physical form that is all ego.”

“Good news: ego is self-destructive and eventually destroys itself.”

“Very few awaken out of their comfort zone. If they’re lucky, something bad happens to them.”

“You are not your thoughts. Stepping out of that is awakening, understanding you are not your thoughts.”

“Not identifying with the emotion you have is a step forward. You say I am not angry; I have anger in me. You are not it.”

“Awareness is unconditional.”

“‘I’ is conditional.”

“The deep ‘I’ is who you are beyond the person.”

“The deep ‘I’ is a sense of mental state without noise, stillness, the source of all creativity intelligence.”

“Die before you die! Till next time!” Eckhardt Tolle

I find it interesting that I have listened to such different people, like I mentioned in the last article. So far, I am quoting mostly the same 4 people in my writings that I have actually seen live in person as well.

They are as different as night and day and I couldn’t imagine them in the same room, and somehow it all comes together for me.

Are you creating separation in your life?

So perhaps come out of your mind sometimes and see what happens! Not everything has to make sense right away until it does, and it always will.

What if you allow not knowing?

Let the magic of not knowing unfold!

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Reena Terreping

Reena Terreping is an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and offers frequency sessions using the Healy device. She loves making healthy cakes and treats, and creates recipes and provides cooking classes. Reena loves to write about: food, eating, emotional problems, body conditions and life generally.

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