Tips from a Spiritual Teacher by Linda Willow Roberts

May 2021 has certainly felt like an energy shift has occurred, finally we are all feeling like life in general is moving forward. The Earth’s magnetic cocoon has been spiking from the slower beat of 7.83 which is its base line that gives us a denser field to up around the 90’s. This opens us up to the Universe, enabling us to receive more clearer messages from Spirit. The Solar activity of late seems to elevate the intensity of the affect it has on Spiritual people.

We all get the upgrade signs, ringing in ears, throat tightness, headaches, dehydrated and feeling all over the place. The hard part is being aware of when this is taking place – what is happening and not feeling like you’ve lost the plot.

The veil is thinner, and we are more susceptive to receiving messages from Spirit/the Universe when this occurs. If you think of the electromagnetic field as lots of magnetic balls sitting on a bare music speaker that isn’t working all the balls sit nicely in the middle at the bottom, turn on the music and they all vibrate out and upwards, separating and leaving room in between them. 

That’s when we get smashed with downloads, increased energy, messages, erratic dreams, sometimes even feeling overwhelmed but it’s the shift in energy we all need most of the time. Higher vibrational Spiritual and artistic people love this energy, and they can use it to their benefit – making the most optimal decisions and be totally creative.

I believe this is when the greatest ideas come through – this clear vibration allows drive and determination to push you towards your goals. If harnessed correctly it is the perfect manifesting alignment that is heaven sent, so to speak. Well, that, with a little help from the Earth’s core and the charged particles coming from my favourite Star the Sun. (I’m a Leo sun and rising.)

How to tap into the energies and manifest? I usually find the above symptoms are happening before I go and dig a little deeper as to why? When the solar flares are happening, the Aurora shows more, the electromagnetic field spikes, and generally Earth’s plates start moving. These are big movements that effect our planet.

So, tapping into this energy isn’t that hard, be aware first of all why you’re feeling energetic, not sleeping, ears ringing or headachy. Hydrate more, tap into your connection with Spirit, what is that gut feeling telling you to do? Are you more aware of your life’s purpose, is Spirit directing you in a direction?

Mine always comes back to being in service, doing something that will benefit other people, it is what I am here to do. This takes my thoughts and feelings away from myself, it allows me to totally tap in and get clearer messages for the public. It centres me, I feel very aligned and aware of the power that I have tapped into.

So next time you’re feeling a few of those symptoms, have a little look at what the Earth and Sun are doing. Make more of an effort to find the Spiritual connection inside you, and then allow the light umbilical cord to travel up through the ethers to connect to the Universe, then watch your drive and determination open doors for you. Be amazed as the magic of ideas flow back along the supply line from our Creator.

What we take for granted is really the magic in the ordinary – every minute the Sun is the centre of our Universe as we, on this magical planet we call home, is in orbit around it creating a pathway, or power cable for us to plug into for our highest good.

Linda Willow Roberts 

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Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’ based in Tasmania and offering her products and services anywhere in the world.

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