Using Colognes and Waters in your Spiritual Practise by Courtney Stark

 Scent can be used as a tool to enhance our mental state and I use colognes and waters as part of my daily morning ritual. I spray one spray on my altar to maintain its energy, one spray over my head to clear my auric field and one spray on each shoulder to remove any etheric weights from me.  While it may seem like I’m just spraying perfume, this ritual immediately puts me into a positive frame of mind and reminds me of the commitments I have made to myself and my spiritual practices. 

Colognes and waters can be used in a variety of ways.  You can spray them over your head or throughout a space to cleanse and clear it energetically or add them to water as part of a ritual bath or floor wash to cleanse both spiritually and physically.  You can wash your hands in a small amount of cologne after dealing with negative people or situations and you can also use it on your altar as an offering to spirit. 

Here are a few of my favourite colognes and waters for spiritual work:

Florida Water

The grand master of all colognes is, without a doubt, Florida Water.  This cologne was first manufactured in 1808 and that original recipe is still in use today.  It has been used in households for generations for everything from relieving headaches and insect bites to a linen spray and floor wash.  Florida Water can be used to metaphorically and physically clean items and is used to remove and shift heavy vibrations or negativity. 

Hoyt’s Cologne

Hoyt’s Cologne was originally made in 1868 and sold as a cheap perfume and it has a crisp floral scent, with hints of rose, violet, clove and citrus.  Hoyt’s has a reputation among gamblers as a lucky cologne, with people dowsing themselves from head to toe in the fragrance before a night of gambling to call in luck. 

Kananga Water

Kananga Water (actually a cologne) is made from the ylang ylang (Cananga odorata) plant and is a heady, floral scent.  It is used for protection, clearing, as an ancestral offering, as a scrying tool and to anoint ritual tools. 

Patchouli Root Cologne

The earthy, musky scent of Patchouli Root Cologne comes from the patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin). Both the root and leaves have strong associations with love, money and prosperity.  Due to its earthy smell, it can be used to help with grounding and is connected to growth both metaphorically (for example to encourage spiritual growth) and physically (in the case of fertility or new project beginnings). 

Rose Cologne

Rose Watercan be used in cooking, for example in Turkish Delight, but Rose Cologneis alcohol based with rose fragrance.  Rose Cologne is used to bring peace and love to a family home.    

Homemade Floral Waters

You can also work with non-toxic flowers from your own garden and leave them to soak in water resulting in a lightly perfumed floral water perfect for a facial mist or adding to a bath. 

There are a huge variety of colognes and waters available that can be used in spiritual work and this is one area that can not only leaving you smelling wonderful but also work powerfully with your intention.  Working with colognes and waters is a beautiful way to incorporate fragrance into your spiritual practise.  You can find all of these available on our website at

Courtney Stark

After 20 years as a solitary pagan, Courtney Stark shares her love of Earth based spirituality through her online store. Courtney has one of Australia’s largest ranges of spiritual and metaphysical goods and is passionate about helping others on their spiritual path.

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