Using YOUR Magic by Linda Simpson

How do you use your magic?

I use mine naturally and creatively every day.

To me magic is not about creating massive physical abundance with one spell. It’s about intention, it’s a habit and an awareness.

Some of the ways I use my magic are:

  • A friend will pop into my mind; so if I can call I will, otherwise I’ll send a hug over the airwaves.
  • I have an ongoing deal with clients, friends and soul sisters that if they ever need a hug or a Linda style healing, they just feel out to my SHINE and it’s there. I’ve been told many times that it works, they receive my offered magical energy.
  • In my work I feel and use magic all the time. Sometimes it’s called intuition, sometimes a heart feeling and sometimes it just IS. Regardless of how it arrives I’m grateful for the ever-present magic in my world and how it assists me, my work and my clients.

Does any of this make me special? Does it make me more than anyone else?

Nope. Not at all. It just means that I have created a bigger magic habit, more engrained and now an everyday habit. Because I believe.

One magic memory is when I had a feeling about a friend in another country with an eight hour time difference to me and I thought, shall I call? Shall I not? Then I just did, as I figured she could always not answer. 😊

When she answered, we chatted generally for a few minutes, then she thanked me and said that she’d had a headache and now it’s gone. This soul sister works her magic similarly, so she knew that I’d ‘answered a call’ and the magic happened.

There have been many moments of magic, many times where I’ve sent out a loving thought to someone when their energy has been momentarily placed in my heart. The confirmations come just as frequently too, especially from those who know me well, who know my energy signature.

We all have magic abilities! How can you grow your magic?

DON’T quantify. Quantifying and digging for the reasons why or the story of it, regardless of your spiritual awareness, will dilute the magic.

DO be regularly thankful for your abilities.

DO grow the ability to view through LOVE.

DO be regularly happy about magic being available to you, as available as the air you breathe.

DO choose to see little magics, those in nature are really obvious once you look. Think about the butterfly, one massive example of magic which can also be easily ‘explained’ by science.

Begin your growth at home. I have an ongoing picture of living beside lovely neighbours and I’ve boosted this with magic in the form of Love Bubbles, Loving Clearing Spray which I’ve applied to the fenceline and a generally loving energy. Even when I could have ditched my rose-coloured glasses and moved into Grumpville, I’ve stayed the magic course and regularly have those lovely neighbours as intended.

If you ARE using magic already, oh my gosh, please pop a comment below. Other beings need more belief. They need examples. It’s almost like being given permission to believe in the simplicity and absolute availability of magic.

Sending LOVE BUBBLES out over the airwaves to YOU.

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

Linda Simpson

Linda Simpson – Heartisan & Consciousness Connector helping tired Spiritual Workers, Coaches and Healers to Realign.

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