What LOVE really is by Jules Kennedy

The word love brings to mind the beautiful, passionate, romantic relationships that romance novels and romantic comedies are made of, or the unconditional love that a parent feels for their child. While this is definitely a part of it, I would like to take you a little deeper into what love really is.

Our physical heart is responsible for what we call love in more ways than we usually think about or realise.  When we consciously choose to look within and tune into our heart, the love we feel and express can be multiplied many times over and can impact deeply and profoundly those around us as well as ourselves. Love is the pure source energy that emanates from within our hearts and if we purposely connect to it, expand it and direct it to a specific person or location, then we can see the miraculous happen. You see love knows no bounds and when true, pure love is involved nothing is impossible.

This takes place, for example, within the church, when a healing is performed, when the love of God is commanded to come down and work its magic on the people in need. Sometimes it’s so powerful that the person falls to the floor unconscious but awakens healed. It’s called a miracle but others say this is in fact normal but we have forgotten our connection to it. Many similar miracles have also happened as a result of a prayer circle or healing meditation group and this works, no matter the location around the world or the distance.

The source energy of love is immensely powerful, unconditional, kind, compassionate, selfless and unlimited and that is just the tip of the iceberg. When we feel it on a deep level we are often brought to tears. On an ordinary day when we are wrapped up in all the things that we need to do, we forget about practising or connecting to this love energy, and we get bogged down and sucked into lower vibrational behaviours. This happens as a collective as well as individually. Occasionally, something big and shocking is required to snap us out of this way of living and treating each other with an absence of love.

This can show up as something like a story popping up in our Facebook feed, such as a puppy that has been severely mistreated and at the brink of death being saved and lovingly brought back to life and there is a happy ending. When reading this we can cry as our hearts have opened and love flows back into our bodies and our reality. When tragedy strikes, such as a natural disaster that affects hundreds or thousands of people, we are stopped in our tracks and are jolted into an awareness of what is truly important. It evokes in us a sense of oneness where compassion and kindness kicks into autopilot and we become selfless, forgetting the everyday monotony of work, bills, soccer practice and gossiping about who did what and who said this.

What really matters becomes priority and when this occurs, that’s when we hear the stories of regular people doing the impossible and going above and beyond for complete strangers. We call them heroes, but I say the real hero is love, for that is the driving force behind these beautiful acts of bravery, vulnerability and comradery that make a significant difference to all. Even those who are watching from the other side of the world are changed from simply witnessing it. That is the power of love.

You see, we need the tragedies, the heartbreak, sad stories and injustices to remind us of the love that is buried deep inside. This might sound crazy but in their own way, they are a form of love too, as they help us to remember and return to love. The love that is begging to be allowed up to the surface. The love that can transform the world.

Imagine if at the same moment, every single person on the planet chose to let go of the hatred, blame, lack of forgiveness, self-righteousness, indignation, bitterness, selfishness and a demand for punishment or restitution that leads to war, starvation, suffering and loss of life.

Imagine if we all chose love instead at the same moment. If every single person stopped and looked around and asked how they could make a positive difference in someone else’s life or to the whole of humanity. Imagine if all of the money that is spent on war, was spent on healing humanity and Mother Earth. What would it look like and feel like to be alive if everyone decided to be love and to choose love and to act on the love inside their heart all at once? I think the whole world could be transformed into something more beautiful and amazing than we can even imagine.

That’s what love is to me.

A big hug from my heart to yours.

Jules Kennedy

Jules is gentle and heart based. She helps people to experience a reawakening to love to transform their lives from emotional struggle and turmoil to flow, peace and abundance. Her unique combination of ancient healing techniques, intuitive/psychic gifts and her ability to invoke spiritual energy, wisdom and love into each session provides an extraordinary healing experience.

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