What’s Your Lover Archetype? By Rebecca-Lee

 Are you a Manifestor? The Physical Lover

We begin our exploration into the various vibrations of love with the physical world lover – The Manifestor. With a healed first chakra, the high vibrating “Manifestor” loves to connect intimately through physical touch and the physical world. It is not just about sex, though this can be a big part of it. They love being here in their body and on the earth and enjoying all the pleasures that earth life can offer. A perfect date for a Manifestor Lover would involve some kind of movement or physical activity.

Manifestors find joy in the security and solidness that the physical world provides. Their happiness blossoms in a home that’s a sanctuary, with the comfort of financial stability and the warmth of family bonds. They are the builders, the providers, the ones whose love language is often expressed through the creation and nurturing of a comfortable, secure life for themselves and their loved ones.

They also work well with partners that are interested and/or willing to build a lifestyle that has all of their physical needs taken care of. This would include having a safe place to live, with whatever physical necessities and pleasures that were deemed necessary for the home.

Connecting Through the Physical

For the Manifestor, intimacy is all about what’s real and can be physically felt or experienced. They share love in a way that can be seen, touched, and felt in the daily acts of living. It’s in the way they ensure the fridge is never empty, or the way they remember to fix that creaky door, or how they save for that family vacation or what they “do” in any given day. Their love is in the details of the movements of each day;  the physical manifestations of care and commitment that they have created to live here in the physical world.

Whilst some people like to connect through feelings, or verbal communication or socialising, for the Manifestor it is through the doing and movements of every day life and the standard to which that life is lived. What they do and how it is being done, and with who is a huge part of how they connect. Some might say that they can’t sit still, or that they are not present. This maybe the case sometimes, but for them their love language is through action, movement and things being done, and enjoyed! They may be hard to keep up with for some.

Navigating Blocks and Fears of the Physical Lover

Yet, the journey of a Manifestor is not without challenges. Initial first chakra blocks can manifest from the womb to the early months of life. What was happening in terms of survival particularly for your biological “Mother” and your parents whilst in the womb, can be imprinted into your energetic make-up when it comes to meeting your physical needs.

Blocks include struggles with finances, health, safety, physical intimacy and/ or self-image.

Where the Manifestor is energetically vibrating at will determine their experiences with these issues. Low vibrating Manifestors struggle financially and seem to have continuous stressors around money. They may also experience constant struggles with the home/finding or affording a long-term safe home/and/or feeling safe in the physical world. With physical intimacy they may be completely closed off to it, or have obsessions or dysfunctions with sexual intimacy. For some they may have sexual addictions or believe that this is the only way to connect intimately.

For those who are not fully blocked in the first chakra but are not fully healed either, are what I call average or mid-level vibrating. They may oscillate between things flowing financially to being broke and struggling financially. They may find a home and/or safety for a period of time, only to be struck by problems in that area again. They could be in a great health and fitness routine, only to completely go off path and struggle with how they look and feel physically.

What Manifestors Seek in Partnerships

A single Manifestor particularly looks for a partner who understands the importance of material wealth building and/or physical activity. They are also looking for someone that they can feel safe with and who can even make them feel grounded when they become too active or overwhelmed or are risk taking.

Married Manifestors cherish the spouse who values the security they provide (or are attempting to provide). A Manifestor thrives with a partner who understands that for them, love is as much about building a life together as it is about the physical affection shared.

The Manifestors Path Forward

The Manifestor must be mindful not to let their focus on material success overshadow the playful, loving aspects of life. Relationships, while nurtured by security, also require the joy of spontaneity, the warmth of laughter, and emotional connection. It’s about finding harmony in their physical existence and allowing love to flourish not just in what they can offer but also in who they are—beyond the physical.

Many Manifestors can be held back by old belief patterns (either theirs or their parents) so it is important that you become conscious of what you are believing and valuing the most that drives you and your every day decisions. Looking at your parent’s relationship and dynamics and any hidden loyalties you have will also reveal a lot about what is happening for you in relationship sphere of your life.

Clearing the Path with Unlock Your Love Blocks (R)

To become a better lover in physical intimacy, it is important that the first chakra is free of all that is blocking you from not only developing healthy physical connections, but also manifesting your physical needs (particularly money and a home you love and feel safe in).

In the Unlock Your Love Blocks (R) program (Key 4) you will dive into the roots of your physical intimacy and manifesting blocks, unlocking the limiting beliefs instilled by your upbringing,  releasing any ties from past relationships, discovering any limiting and hidden beliefs you have around relationship and do a deep dive into your values and what is truly important for you right now in life.

If you would like to know more visit my website at www.rebecca-lee.com


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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