Master the unconscious mind to achieve your dreams and goals by Spiri Buhagiar

At the beginning of the year, so many people make a pact with themselves to “do” something about their lives, whether that is to set goals, reduce or increase body weight, change jobs, change partners, change location.  We believe by doing this we will be more settled or happier with our lives.

However, the state of “being” is a coupling of the conscious and unconscious minds. The conscious mind may want change, but the unconscious mind is comfortable with its beliefs and state of being, making change difficult. 

States of being (mindset and beliefs) are created through repetition which becomes hard-wired in our subconscious mind. Which I call the Little Self!

Over the years I have worked with multitudes of people coaching them and giving them tools to help themselves – ultimately it is you, and only you who can improve your state of mind/well-being.

If you genuinely want to live a happier life, one when you are in control, then for a small amount of money (less than the price of 2 cups of coffee), I would recommend that you log onto my website and download the module called Mind Mastery.  This module teaches you “how” to defragment old outdated and limited beliefs and ideals that no longer serve you.

This module teaches you how to defragment and re-programme your mind to best serve you by collapsing old out-dated state of being and/or belief.

Our brain is like a computer- it is programmed! – if you want to be the Master of your Mind and ultimately the creator of a new life, then log onto my website then click on the link to the Personal Power Masterclass where 10 modules have been created to help people in all areas of their life module 3, has been created to do just this by teaching  defragmenting and reprogramming your mind so that you conscious (analytical) and unconscious (emotional) mind will work in tandem. 

TESTIMONIAL FROM SIMON WHO FLEW UP FROM MELBOURNE for treatment after hearing about the work that I do.

TESTIMONIAL from Simon W.  November, 2023.

I am incredibly grateful to have met Spiri. For more than a decade I have been struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and self medication.
I have seen countless professionals over the years and none were able to get to the root cause of my issues and address them so quickly!
Spiri used hypnosis and taught me reframing amongst some other amazing techniques which actually work!
I have seen a substantial change in my thinking and my whole outlook on life has changed. I am now excited for the future.
Spiri has a knowledge and an understanding I have not seen before, it’s literally changed my life and I am so so grateful.  Simon W. November 2023.

If you would like to understand what I do and how I do it, please feel free to call me for a free 12-15minute consultation.

All the best for a year filled with health and happiness.  Spiri

Spiri Buhagiar

Spiri Buhagiar has worked with individuals and various companies for over 30 years helping people to be the best version of themselves. She has qualifications and experience in RTT, Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and has been gifted with clairaudience which is now scientifically recognised.

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