When Passion Meets Purpose by Tonia Reeves

When passion meets purpose, it’s as if suddenly, the stars align. I was drawn to write this after finishing my stage shows for the Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia (MBS).

I love connecting audience members with their loved ones; it’s one of my greatest thrills, as a messenger, to know I am honouring the spirit world. It’s honest, it’s raw and highly emotional (as some of you know who have been part of my shows). You just can’t make that up!

I was recently a guest on Grant and Chezzi Denyer’s podcast, “It’s All True” and I loved the comment Grant made, “wow, you can’t google that information!” I had connected for them both with an email reading. You can have a listen and get the jist, it’s a great podcast and I’m slowly getting through past episodes. That opportunity just popped up through an Instagram DM.

Chezzi is an amazing intuitive herself and her and Grant were just drawn to reach out as they felt spirit was giving them messages. Too right they were! And we all get these messages from our loved ones. It’s all about taking notice and exploring the signs.

For me, the opportunity to showcase what I do to a wider audience has been incredible and I know there will be more opportunities coming along in the future from this, which is awesome.

And being invited to do more shows for the MBS and the feedback from these, from not only the organisers but also the public, always leaves me feeling fuzzy inside. I feel blessed to have touched the lives of others and made a difference.

In actuality, I am the messenger and this isn’t really about me, it’s about being of service, to the spirit world in the best way I can. To me, being humble about this is part of the deal. To do this, I surrender any preconceived ideas, (and yes as a human I do feed into this occasionally), but I’m always reminded gently by spirit that they will always direct me. This comes down to total trust. I trust that those who are guided to me, are meant to be there, my end of the deal is to do the best I can to deliver clear messages. Period. Which gets me back to my point, ‘when passion meets purpose’. I believe there’s a time when this statement becomes alive for us all, for each of us the timing is different, and if you feel a bit stuck on this, hand it over to your spiritual team. Ask for guidance then look for the signs.

When you become non-resistant, you become open. When you become open, you are saying yes to the universe. I encourage you now to let go of what you think things need to look like, and you will bring in the opportunities to be passionate with purpose. It really is that simple.

Life is for living. Write down this affirmation where you can see it daily, it will help.
‘I am open to the endless possibilities available to me at all times!’
And watch the magic unfold.

Tonia Reeves, Australia’s Cowgirl Medium
Connect with Tonia here:


Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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