Why We Recommend Making the Switch to AirTube Headsets by Earthing Oz

Looking around these days, you can’t help but notice how many people are wearing headsets. They are a handy accessory for talking on the phone, listening to music or podcasts, or, as is often the case on public transport, for keeping yourself to yourself.

Increasingly, the wired headsets of old are being replaced by wireless Bluetooth headsets which sit directly in the ear. Many people will opt for the in-ear Bluetooth headset for the convenience: who wants to deal with wires becoming tangled these days when we can opt for a much slicker wireless version?

The often-overlooked fact however is that using a Bluetooth headset means that you are placing an EMR-emitting device right inside your ear and right next to your brain. EMR – or electromagnetic radiation to give it its full title – is everywhere around us thanks to the proliferation of smart, wireless technology and devices. Research into the harm caused by EMR, and the long-term effects of EMR exposure on human health, continues to be debated, with many scientists coming together to issue a warning that current safety standards are inadequate.

While the long-term effects of using Bluetooth headsets are still being fully researched and understood, we recommend using the precautionary principle when it comes to your and your family’s health and switching to an AirTube headset instead. It means trading the convenience of no wires for a safer headset option, which uses the simple concept of distance to decrease your exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from your device.

The principle of the inverse square law of physics means that increasing your distance from the source of EMR decreases your exposure and risk. This is exactly how AirTube headsets work. The first part of the headset, which plugs directly into your device, uses a standard wired connection and allows the sound to travel up the headset. In a standard wired headset, the wire continues all the way up to the earpiece and EMR will travel along the wire and into your ear. With an AirTube headset, the wire stops approximately half way up the headset and connects to a speaker. This is the last point at which EMR is emitted, and it sits approximately 15 – 16cm away from your ear. The rest of the headset from that point onward is made of a hollow tube of air (hence the AirTube name) and the sound is pushed up the hollow tube of air to your ear. Creating this distance between your ear and the last point of EMR significantly reduces your exposure to the EMR and makes for a much safer listening experience.

There are many different AirTube headset brands on the market, with over-ear designs also available. The very nature of their two-section design means that they need to be handled with care to get the best life out of them, but the sound quality is generally as good, and sometimes even better than, wired or wireless alternatives.

Is it time to make the switch? Discover our range of AirTube headsets and much more at www.earthingoz.com.au. Holistic Bliss readers can enjoy 5% off any full-priced item in their cart by using the promo code Bliss5 at the checkout.

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Earthing Oz is the Australian home of earthing and digital wellness products, bringing earthing, EMF and blue light protection products from leading worldwide brands to Australian customers. Based in NSW, you can discover the full range of products at their site.

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