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A great article by psychologist Vanessa Bushell

Inner-Connection to Ourselves   The last time I visited Sydney, I walked amongst tired and drained people. They were disconnected from each other, themselves and life. Coming from the Sunshine Coast where I regularly connected with nature, other people who practiced mindfulness, and to myself, I was very aware of their disconnect. I could not help but feel sad. There was a kind of deadness or “numbing ...

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Who’s on the Cover for Oct? It’s Ken Dowling!!

Universal Connections   By Vanessa Finnigan Ken Dowling is a way-shower of how to be truly ‘connected’. About 14 years ago he gave up his high flying corporate lifestyle and found his true calling and creative genius. During this time he has transformed thousands of lives with his energy work and brought through 500 unique symbols and sculptures into existence for the purpose of raising consciousness on the ...

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Our Natural Birthing Columnist- Katrina Zaslavsky!!!

Birth By Choice, Not By Chance  By Katrina Zaslavsky There is a fascinating saying, “women often labour in the same way that they live.” How do you respond to challenges or crisis? Birth is a natural event that stretches us to our limits, not a problem that needs fixing. However, many of us have been conditioned otherwise and our body’s stress response may be instinctively activated. This is especially true ...

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Our columnist internationally renowned medical intuitive Jean Sheehan

Jean is an amazing lady with a very big heart and the healing work she does is out of this world!!! Here is her beautiful article for our Sep Success edition: Success is a dream come true! Today there is so much written about what success is. What if we saw the every day experiences as successful? What if success was having a dream and making it come true? Recently I was nominated in the Sunshine Coast Wome ...

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The amazing Erin McAtee owner of the Circle Wellness Clinics

A pleasure to have owner of the holistic health centres in Qld (Circle Wellness Clinics), yes that's right it's Erin McAtee on our cover this month and what an amazing response we have had to this edition. Success means different things to different people and it's great to have these different perspectives in the magazine. Here are Erin's top 5 Business Tips for Success: 1. Be Open and Flexible – ‘set idea ...

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Congratulations to Inna Segal on the 5 year Anniversary of her great book!!

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS – DO WHAT IT TAKES  By Inna Segal   If you have a strong desire to do something worthwhile that will contribute to people’s lives and make your heart soar then it is worth working towards and persisting regardless of the related cost. Often you need to show the universe that you really believe in your dreams, that you are willing to do what it takes and be who you need to be before y ...

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Vedic Astrology with Internationally recognised Sam Geppi

Emphasizing Social Connections By Sam Geppi                   October 2 - Mercury enters Libra, until October 23. This is a good time for relationship communication and flexibility in your partnerships. Mercury joins Saturn in Libra. Both Saturn and Mercury are neutral planets, which have to do with seeing beyond our likes, dislikes and passions. Oct 5 - Jupiter ...

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September Issue Out Now- Read it here online!

Welcome to Holistic Bliss Magazine, the independent monthly magazine that gives you great information about natural health and holistic medicine. Holistic Bliss Magazine is distributed monthly primarily throughout Queensland and Byron Bay. Read September's issue online you embrace it and stand tall, run and hide or just ignore it and remain confused about what it means? Many people associate s ...

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King of Cruise Gets Electrifying

Interview with Pete Murray - By Vanessa Finnigan He blew us away with a string of number one albums and captivated us with his distinctive ‘cruisey’ vocals, signature acoustic sound and deep, reflective lyrics.  But even though Pete’s a mega star and has sold over a million albums, he is a humble man who takes success in his stride. I was fortunate to speak with Pete on the ‘eve’ of the release of his new a ...

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