August 2022 Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – The Soul Awakening Strategist

The cosmic themes for August are authenticity and self-expression.

The stars are creating the ideal environment for us to flourish by being exactly who we are, our true, authentic selves at this time. We are removing masks created by fear and conditioning to allow more of our Divine self to shine. With the Sun in Leo for most of the month and the powerful effect of the Uranus-North Node-Mars conjunction at the beginning of August, we can no longer deny ourselves the gift of us!

Of knowing we are special because we are Divine. Of knowing we matter. Of knowing we can powerfully choose to radiate our light into the world because love is our natural, authentic state. Our soul gifts and talents are channels for this love and our avenue to joy.  

The great news is that we can choose to express these in whatever way feels right for us.  When we honour the quiet beckoning of our soul, our hearts become brave and we know exactly how to enter the portal to the space of pure potentiality. It really is a powerful month to be in our greatest light and connect with the ecstasy of being our true soul selves.

Let’s have a look at this energy from the perspective of each sign. Read your Sun, Moon and Rising for a full picture of your month ahead.  

Attention, acknowledgement and recognition are on their way this month, Aries. There is an energy of victory after a period of internal conflict where you have been uncertain about how to proceed toward a personal goal. You are reaching the other side of this now as the way forward becomes clearer. This is all due to you making the necessary adjustments to re-align with your vision. The universe is bringing in the right people and experiences for you now. This is all about knowing that you deserve everything that is coming your way. When you value and celebrate your contribution and the milestones along the way, you attract even more victorious experiences into your life!

You may feel like being in hermit mode this month, Taurus. This is because you are being called into a higher contribution of spiritual service. Everything you need to know is already within you, so any time spent in solitude and reflection this month will benefit you immeasurably. The wisdom you tap into will open your eyes to a new way of being and illuminate a part of you that is ready to be expressed into the world. You may find others are attracted to your spiritual guidance this month too, don’t shy away from this as it is part of your purpose at this time. Calm your mind and connect to the messages your soul and body are communicating. Your inner light is guiding the way, like a Jedi.

This is a big month for you, Gemini, as you are going into the depth of your soul, facing fear and transmuting it into love. Anything that triggers you is coming up for healing now, so allow yourself plenty of time and space to do this deep inner work. Old, stuck energy is being purged this month creating space for new energy to come in. You will likely need more rest, sleep and time alone through this process as you will likely experience it acutely in your physical body. You will be taken out of your comfort zone and it is best not to fight it because on the other side of short term discomfort is the inner peace you have been seeking. There is nothing to be afraid of, it’s all part of the natural cycles of our life. Seek holistic and/or professional help if you feel overwhelmed. By the end of August you will feel much lighter.

This is a time of significant growth in your mastery of the physical and material world. A divinely guided collaboration is being orchestrated at this time to bring a vision or dream into reality through a fusion of your spiritual and human capabilities. You will have an opportunity to showcase your gifts and talents to achieve a major goal through a collaborative approach with like-hearted people who vibe with your frequency. This could be through a professional connection or a romantic soul connection where you have come together to fulfil a special mission. Either way, the potential for growth and long term success is huge. Enjoy this time of burgeoning possibilities. 

There is a feeling of regret and remorse that you can resolve this month. Something is keeping you tied to a past experience or person and it is keeping you from fully detaching from it. Everything happens for your highest good and you did what you believed was the best for you under the circumstances. You need to acknowledge that the other person did too, and it is time to forgive yourself and them, to be fully free to welcome love back into your life. This experience has provided you with deep learning about yourself, so it is a blessing no matter how painful the ending might have been. By shifting your energy toward gratitude and forgiveness, you can set your heart free again.

You will need to balance your inner-knowing with the evidence in front of you this month. It’s all about getting to the heart of matters and discerning the truth. In August you are channelling your inner Judge Judy! You know the truth, you are the truth and will need to speak your truth very clearly this month so you can maintain harmony within. As a sensitive soul, this may feel extremely uncomfortable for you, so it will be important to communicate your truth with kindness, this will ensure you can cut through any emotional confusion. Communication is essential, choose your words wisely.

Archangels surround you this month, helping you with a situation that has left you feeling out of balance. Self-control and strategic patience are the best qualities you can practice this month so you can respond to situations with understanding and empathy. Compromise brings healing and cooperation in relationships this month, but you can have a tendency to give too much of yourself to relationships, Libra, so make sure your needs are catered for too. Keeping the peace at all costs creates imbalance. Sometimes conflict is necessary to restore harmony and this is one of your biggest lessons. Do whatever you can to rein in any extreme behaviour and invoke moderation as your super power this month!

You may be feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities this month. It is time to offload any duty, obligation or responsibility you have been carrying for too long now. You will know immediately what baggage you need to leave behind now. What once seemed like enjoyable activities have now become burdensome and you know that people need to learn through their own experiences. You can no longer shoulder this responsibility. You may be so good at carrying this load that you don’t realise how much of a toll it is taking. Stop and breathe, you will know what you need to do. Life is meant to be joyful, so if something you once wanted is now a struggle, it is time to lighten your load and pursue activities and projects that light you up. It’s really the best thing you can do for everyone involved.

A new cycle of your soul evolution is upon you. You may be undertaking a life review this month and taking stock of all the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. You have developed a deeper understanding of yourself from a higher perspective, and are now consolidating all of the wisdom you have gained to move you forward into a fresh cycle of your spiritual journey. The past is done. It was all meant to pan out the way it did, that’s how the universe works. Regret nothing and appreciate every person who has crossed your path, all of the pain, sorrow, joy and ecstasy. We cannot appreciate joy without knowing sadness, we cannot appreciate the Moon or the stars without the darkness. Duality is the exquisitely unique part of our spiritual journey in human form. Embrace it all! 

This month it is important for you to rest and retreat in order to rejuvenate yourself mentally. This is especially important if you have been experiencing any stress or worry of late. Taking time out will help you to work through options for anything that may be troubling you. Solutions will come through flashes of inspiration or ideas that pop into your head seemingly from nowhere. Whatever it is you do to healthily wind down and quiet your mind is essential for you this month. Carve out time in your schedule to seek relief from stress and get extra sleep this month if time allows. Mental rest and recuperation in a place of peace are needed to put self-defeating thoughts to rest and reignite your hope and positive outlook on life.

Big changes are in store for you this month, Aquarius. Anywhere in your life where you have been complacent or riding in a comfort zone is set for a shake-up. It may be shock or come as a surprise if you don’t get ahead of the curve and take charge of any changes you know you need to make. You know, all those things you said you were going to do, but never got around to. I’m not talking about your hair colour either! These are the changes that literally strip away everything that isn’t working and rebuilding your life in a way that creates the freedom you crave. Something your future self will thank you for. Something you have been dreaming about for a while now. A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for. It is time to be the captain of your life!

This month you are channelling you rational, logical mind. I know it sounds crazy, but this month you will need to think on your feet and make decisions based on the physical evidence you have at hand.  There’s a lot of communication and exchange of ideas this month which inspire you into fast action. It will be really important to feed your mind with positive, optimistic words this month to maintain your mental health. Your mind is craving learning and education this month too, so it is the perfect time to sign up for a workshop, course of study or read up on a topic that fascinates you. A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius type could be significant to you this month.

These Soul Scopes are an intuitive fusion of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology. Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology which reveals the potential of cosmic forces that contribute to each person’s unique soul blueprint and evolutionary path in this life. Marion uses astrology to provide greater understanding of the universe and deep self-acceptance for all her clients. To book a personal reading with Marion, go to: For media appearances, collaborations and all other requests, email Marion directly at:

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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