Becoming consciously vulnerable: Energy mastery for sensitive souls by Rebecca-Lee

The truth about humans is that we are vulnerable. Vulnerability is our ability to feel and be touched by life around us. No matter how tough, strong or above it all one appears to be, underneath we are all vulnerable to some degree.

To protect ourselves we build walls within our energy body to survive. These walls have kept us safe for a long time; however, after a while, they begin to have consequences, such as not being able to let love in or let love out. These walls rarely come down once we build them.

Through my Unlock Your Love Blocks sessions and program, I support people primarily in two ways:

1. To become consciously vulnerable, and
2. To have conscious boundaries.

To become consciously vulnerable means we can allow ourselves to feel; to be touched emotionally or spiritually. We begin to drop many of our ‘walls’ and feel with our hearts. We connect with this vulnerability rather than try to disguise it, hide from it or pretend it is something else.

A conscious boundary is the ability to put up an energetic wall when we need it and not let anything come into our field that we don’t want.
Energies are coming towards us all the time. This can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you are an energy sensitive person; that is, someone who is vulnerable to energies and can easily feel and be affected by these energies. Being conscious of these energies and knowing when they have entered your field is extremely important to your wellbeing – especially when you are energy sensitive!

One of the primary skills you can develop is discerning which energies are yours and which belong to someone else, and then being consciously in control of what energies come in and what ones stay out.

The benefits of becoming energy aware are:

• If you are energy sensitive, external energies could be railroading your life.
• There are things that you want to feel. If you are too walled, you will miss out on feeling good energies that can enrich you.
• There are energies you don’t want to come in because they are harmful to your wellbeing.
• You cannot experience deep intimacy if your walls are up.
• A life lived behind walls is only a partial life. A life lived in the open is a life lived to its full.

Visit Rebecca-Lee’s website for info on services and programs to help you start becoming energy aware.


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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