Spiritual Awakening: United & Beyond by Tatiana Savery

We are in a glorious time in history. With the 3, 6, 9 astrological triad we see information being communicated. There is an unveiling of what was formally hidden. The 9 is about endings and Spiritual awakening. The eclipse is aligned with Truth due to the Sagittarius impact.
As I have written last month there is a lot of fear being projected in the mainstream news and also the ‘truth’ community.
We do not want to perpetuate the chaos coming, we are to calm the chaos.
Stand amongst the storm and be calm.

Behind the fear is a part of us. Look through the fear; embrace the part of you fractured outside of yourself and bring that part back within yourself.
Ask for the Inspired Action from Spirit to assist.

Fear is really our courage beating within us at the prospect of reuniting with ourselves.

Everything you have learnt over the last year has been the preparation for what is coming. Remain in the ‘now’ moment through the upheaval and storm. Use the tools you now have to remain calm when confronted with information, people and events you don’t wish to be confronted with. Emotions will come up which you didn’t even know were buried within. They are here to be released during this period. Be calm and observe without attachment. There will be some who are aggressive but remember they are the ones who are afraid. Their entire world is collapsing and when the comfort mankind has been used to is taken away fear rises into projections of aggression, anger, and rage.
Respond from a place of awareness and extend your awareness through kindness and calm.

We can all change the future through self responsibility. The past, the future and now. We have the ability to change everything. We can transform the whole field and then radiate this out.

Accept who you are and transform what is in your system.
Engage others to assist you to see what you cannot. The time for this is now. December is the month. Work that would take a lifetime to do is being done in less than an hour. Lifetimes of work are being shifted at this moment. Everybody is a mirror of ourselves. Right now everyone is required to assist in this shift. The storyline of victimhood, of suffering, of all our trauma, must be let go. The idea that we must go through this process or that process first must be let go. During this particular time one can heal instantaneously if they are willing to become self responsible. Right now you are being supported as timelines open up for all of us.

While our Spirit is within our body it is our responsibility to take care of the body. It is not the doctor’s responsibility or the practitioners; it is incumbent upon us to be responsible. Eat the foods filled with photonic light, and drink the clean water.
Our body is a gift of creation, enjoy your life.

Those who have been labelled having cancer or MS, for example, are experiencing separation, layers of trauma that has created separation from their Spirit. Begin by filling your body with light through your food and water, then work with a practitioner to return the separated portions of your Spirit. Each time the holes created by trauma are filled with your Spirit the vessel, your body, becomes stronger.

Every one of you are creators and now is the period to connect with Spirit and embody your creativity. From December 20th all of you will be required to assist this collective shift of mankind. This is the day with the most darkness and we all are required to shine our light.
Radiate pure love, pure awareness, with no judgement of the system. Radiate the higher frequencies of pure gratitude and appreciation. You don’t need to agree with the system – only radiate this pure love without judgement.

To prepare for this be clean from December 1st through to December 21st; cleanse your physical, cleanse your mind. Eat clean, crowd out the usual foods with raw fruits, fresh fruit juices, or if you prefer fruit smoothies. Have as much fruit as possible to integrate all the photonic light fruits gift all of us. Fruits are gifts from heaven. Do not be concerned with the idea of sugar in fruit. The glucose from fruit is converted and stored as glucagon in your muscles for you to use. The nutrients in fruits provide all the amino acids your body requires to make your protein which is usable to you. The fibre supports you with eliminating toxins. This is a simple way to embody Spirit. Re-energise, cleanse with ease and have clarity. It will help remove brain fog. The negative ions in fruit will re-magnetise your body, similar to the technologies I work with such as the PowerTube. This device will bring Spirit back into your body and the parts of you that have been fragmented with trauma. You need to bring all of your Spirit back into this body to connect with and become the creator you truly are.

Next month I will explain what Christmas really is and how to prepare correctly for those days from December 21st through to Christmas Day December 25th. It is actually about our own inner Spirit becoming reborn.

Until then, embrace the Truth that is coming. Remember Love is experienced when we transcend duality.
From my heart to yours,

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Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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