Blessings from Mother Kuan Yin by Sharne Young

I thought I would share the writing that inspired one of my cards from my ‘Channelled Galactic Oracle-10 Master Temple – Blessings’.

It was written just as the Pandemic was spreading throughout the world.

I quietly wrote down the experience I had from a visual meditation and hopefully it conveys some of the intense peace I felt at the time.  It is a place I return to often as it is purity itself. I always feel better after visiting.

So, for all lovers of the goddess Kuan Yin:

Before the entrance to the temple of Kuan Yin the Ancient Mother, there are 1111 winding steps. Each step has an inscription of wisdom from the Ancient Mother carved into the stones.  Some of these inscriptions are inlaid with jade, silver and gold, others are plain yet the messages profound.  Each step it is said can take eons to understand in their entirety.

The priestesses of the temple recommend stopping at each one to read the inscription yet linger only a short time on each.  Otherwise, one may never get to the temple itself.

Of course, what is the rush?  Eons are nothing in the concepts outside of human understanding.  A million years is merely a minute or half a second, when living in the moment. Therefore, is there not plenty of time to contemplate each inscription?

At the top of the 1111 steps is a wide patio paved with beautiful tiles.  So many colours, many of which the human eye would not recognise. The tiles depict the knowledge, wisdom, and joy of masterhood that Kuan Yin the Ancient Mother has experienced over her existence.  Here and there are young initiates and priestesses bending to contemplate the tiles or sitting nearby painting onto new ones. The number of tiles is infinite.  Bare feet can walk over the tiles, but tread lightly unless one wishes to stay with the initiates and lose oneself in the colours and knowledge beneath one’s feet. 

Then there is the rivulet that runs between the entrance to the temple and patio of tiles.  This rivulet has no beginning and no end. It runs the circumference of the temple itself.  The sacred water of infinity within is said to be the elixir of life.  Once it is taken from the flow, it transcends into iridescence and disperses into the vessel which consumes it, renewing and restoring the vessel. Otherwise, in the rivulet, it sparkles and glitters, flowing gently over crystals that represent each planet within the universe.

Ah the entrance. Vibrant red doors are left open so that the grand priestesses of Kuan Yin the Ancient Mother may greet each visitor.  This itself is a divine event.  One is anointed with the sacred water of infinity and led into a beautiful chamber lined with smooth creamy blue crystals.

There sits the Ancient Mother.  A humble, eternal being of light.  When one is seated on the warm surface of the crystal floor, Kuan Yin the Ancient Mother gives blessings. The light in the chamber glows from deep rich violet to brightest pink to wondrous blue, from loving green to golden.  Her messages then resound within one’s eternal soul.  She speaks.

“Be at peace beautiful child.  Rest and restore. Allow the flow of light through you.  There is time for everything, and everything has a time. 

Your soul is eternal, your essence is eternal.  You are eternal.  Yet the body, requires time. Time to breath and provide a vessel to the soul for living a life, for enjoying the life.  The body needs rest and restoration.  Breathe in the light I provide to you. Drink from the elixir of life to bring you vibrancy and longevity.

There are no words to express the love that is felt for you dear child.  Know that this love is yours forever. 

The timeline on which you exist is in strife and lesser vibrations of fear.  Like many who choose to not remain in that vibration, you must carry the codes of love, knowledge, and wisdom now.  You are visiting here in this temple to receive these light codes so that with great compassion and serenity you may return to the world in which you live to contribute to eliminating the fear from human consciousness.  Go with the blessings of me Mother Kuan Yin, the high priestesses of the Master Temples, and the councils of the Brotherhood of Light”.

Connect with Sharne and be on her waiting list for her ‘Channelled Galaxy Oracle’ deck at: sharnesoracle on Instagram

Sharne Young

Sharne is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and the co-author of 'The Ancients' and creator of 'The Channelled Galaxy Oracle'.

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