Can You Let Love In? by Rebecca-Lee

As a Soul, we travel through time and space, having experiences life after life. We come through into our families, and we have different experiences based on our Soul’s learning path. Some of these lessons are new in this lifetime, some we have been attempting to work through for some time.

We experience pain, challenges, loss and atrocities. We work through some of these, and others we do not. The experiences and feelings we have not been able to transcend completely sit within us—mentally, emotionally and energetically—life after life until we can transcend them.

Sometimes, these incomplete experiences and feelings manifest physically with various physical challenges and illnesses. These unprocessed pains and lessons are what I have termed ‘love blocks’. These love blocks prevent us from letting love in and giving it out.

For over a decade, I have sat with clients who struggled in their relationship or finding love. Some people keep attracting the same kind of partner or situations, while others seem to come up against the same problems in their long-term relationships over and over again.

Everyone wants to find someone and have a relationship where they can be themselves, be loved unconditionally for who they are and be with someone they love, respect and admire. We all have different meanings and experiences of what love is; indeed, love has no limits, and it has different meanings for everyone.

I often work with beautiful empathic Souls who have big hearts. Yet, when it comes to letting love in, they seem to struggle. Empaths are Souls who feel the feelings, hurts and pains of others as if they were their own. Most have had a long journey as a Soul, and often have unresolved past-life, inner child and other traumatic issues with which they may still struggle. Although they have had a long and tough journey, many still put the needs of others before their own.

While they have huge and compassionate hearts, empaths often have love blocks that prevent them from experiencing successful relationships. Some give too much, others struggle to trust, some are so walled or lack boundaries, and others struggle to recognise when love is being shown to them.

Many empaths are surprised to find how closed off to giving and receiving love they really are until they begin to journey deep within themselves. The Unlock Your Love Blocks? process works through your entire energy system. It seeks to discover these blocks by travelling back through this physical lifetime into past lives and into your ancestry to uncover what is blocking you from giving and receiving love.

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Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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