Candle Colour Magick in Ritual by Courtney Stark

Candles are believed to have been first used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians. Not only do they create a beautiful ambience and illuminate darkness, burning a candle while focussing your thoughts into it can be a simple yet powerful way to put your intentions out to the universe.

The colour you choose for your candles can be incorporated into any ceremony, meditation or ritual you are performing with each colour having their own magickal properties.


White is associated with purity, peace and spirit and can be used for protection, illuminating truth and enhancing personal strength. The colour of resilience and self-control, white is great for invoking happiness and strength.


Pink is the colour of love, harmony, intimacy, emotion, youth, romance, friendship and family. It is associated with femininity and often used in intentions involving love, fertility, friendship and new relationships.


Red grabs our attention denoting passion, intensity, transformation and power. The colour of the element of fire, red can also represent destruction, anger and aggression.

Representing the element of air, yellow is most often associated with happiness, vitality and joy. Symbolising faith and friendship, it is thought to be a sign of truly faithful love.

The vibrant colour orange stimulates and motivates enhancing success, focus and comfort. It is full of energy, promoting strength, joy and kindness.


Green represents the element of earth and is associated with hope, fertility, abundance, growth, change, healing and wellness.

Blue denotes the element of water and brings wisdom, peace, reflection, emotions, harmony, patience and trust. It is calming and peaceful and useful to use during meditation.


The regal colour purple has a long association with spirituality, psychic ability, higher self, wisdom, purity and faith. Purple helps to uncover hidden paths and intuition.


Brown represents grounding, unity, warmth and healing bringing protection and comfort for those seeking truth.


While often associated with evil or negativity, black can also represent protection and balance, being the opposite of white. It absorbs light and as such can be useful for removing unwanted energy and negativity.

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Courtney Stark

After 20 years as a solitary pagan, Courtney Stark shares her love of Earth based spirituality through her online store. Courtney has one of Australia’s largest ranges of spiritual and metaphysical goods and is passionate about helping others on their spiritual path.

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