Cells, Beliefs and Our Amazing Spirit by Vanessa Finnigan

“We are in evolutionary upheaval. Human behaviour is creating extinction within decades from now. But there is an opportunity…. people are waking up. They are waking up to the spiritual life and we will hit the fork in the road and the planet will have a spontaneous remission and we will have a different world. Those people who acquire the consciousness and knowledge can help to create change…..we can create heaven on earth.” Dr Bruce Lipton

From stem cell biologist to internationally-acclaimed consciousness crusader, Dr Bruce Lipton has made astounding discoveries over many decades to help bridge the gap between science and spirit. He’s not just one of the world’s most brilliant minds; he’s a compassionate man on a mission and what a blessing to have spent time with him via Skype last month from his home town in the United States. His kindness, wisdom and immense joy for life were palpable.

So how does a man who was never interested in religion or spirituality become a world leader in consciousness? “I wasn’t spiritual, that’s why I got into science. But later my conversion from being non spiritual to spiritual occurred in one minute,” said Bruce.

In 1985 he was researching the cell membrane and discovered that the environment of the cell controls the gene (that is, our genes can be turned on or off by our belief systems and environment). He noticed our cells have our ‘identity’ contained in them and self receptors are located on the surface of the cells like antennas or receivers picking up the signals that are unique to each person. Bruce elaborated by giving me an analogy, whereby our body is like a television and our spirit or identity is being received outside the body. “I (Bruce) am not inside the body, I’m playing ‘Bruce the spirit’ through my receptors (television). If my body (television) dies, the broadcast still goes on and can be played through another body (television). My identity is like a television show and I am playing my show, not yours. I’m a spiritual identity playing through my body.” He said this also explains why organ donor recipients can often still pick up on the ‘spirit’ of the original organ donor.

Bruce then posed the question, so why have a spirit and a body? He said that many years ago the answer ‘came from his cells’. “If you are just a spirit….what does chocolate taste like, what does love feel like? The human body picks up information from the environment.” It’s a vibration of chocolate and a vibration of love that we are receiving and experiencing through our body. “We came here to create and have experiences. We have to have a body to have these creations and we came here to have a vision and see the beauty of this planet and our lives. That’s the gift of a body connected with a spirit.”

When Bruce had these revelations years ago, the direction of his career changed and he acknowledged the potential we have to heal our lives. Consciousness is an invisible energy that is controlling our biology – it’s not our genes controlling our biology.

So what prevents us from receiving the full gift of who we truly are? After much research, Bruce realised how powerful our subconscious programs are in shaping our bodies and lives.

Our conscious mind is based on our wishes and desires, and operates around 5% of the time. Our subconscious mind, on the other hand, can be operating 95% of the time and was programmed during the first seven years of our life.

Bruce believes the biggest issue in the world today is that we think we are operating from our conscious mind and then get disillusioned when our desires don’t eventuate. We try to lose weight or try to change our money situation with superficial methods. Then when it doesn’t work, we think the universe is unkind and we are victims. However, 95% of our mind is controlled by the programs in the subconscious mind. We didn’t create them, we downloaded them by watching our parents, and by being exposed to the environment we were in during the first seven years of our lives.

He explained that every time we have a thought now as an adult, it defaults to the subconscious, and these subconscious programs play out when our conscious mind is not paying attention. Our mind leaves the current moment and we think about the past or future, so our conscious mind is not paying attention to ‘the now’. We don’t always see patterns in ourselves, but others around us may be able to observe ways in which we sabotage our lives.

The conscious mind is a creative mind and learns through self help books, videos, lectures etc. Although educating the conscious mind does not change the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind is resistant to change and learns in a different way.

Bruce says that during our first seven years, our brains are in a theta brain wave state – which is akin to brain waves during hypnosis – so as children we download from our environment in this highly suggestible and open state. He explained that processes like hypnosis, energy psychology and certain belief modification processes can help to change the subconscious programs so we can create the life we desire.

So how do you know the programs in your subconscious mind? Bruce says to just take a look at your life, as your life is a ‘print out’ of your subconscious. Look and see what’s working, and find out where the struggle is as there will be subconscious programs supporting that. This gives you a direction to then rewrite the programs and be more present.

Bruce contends that, “Without the knowledge we will be disempowered. We create everything negative and positive. We don’t see what we are doing. We have an opportunity to empower our life and rewrite the self-limiting programs.”

He believes it is possible to create the ‘honeymoon effect’ (that experience you have when you fall in love) every day of your life. When people fall in love they don’t default to the subconscious. People in love are mindful and keep their conscious mind in front, and so they don’t default to the subconscious and they create from the conscious mind.

Bruce is living proof of this occurring in everyday life; he is creating change on the planet, and tours the world with his amazing wife Margaret. “My life is beautiful, for the first fifty years this was not the case but it has been for the last twenty years. I spent time rewriting my programs. By adjusting your consciousness you clean up the picture and create heaven on earth. I wake up every day, I have a great life and great relationships and the people I meet are wonderful,” he said.

It was such an honour to speak with Bruce and I will always remember his inspiring words and the encouragement he gave me to continue to create Holistic Bliss as a way of sharing these messages and being part of change on the planet.

For more information about Dr Bruce Lipton’s books – Biology of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect and Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here – visit: www.brucelipton.com.

Dr Bruce Lipton can be heard speaking at the Uplift Festival, Dec 11-14th www.upliftfestival.com


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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  • I love Bruce Lipton’s analogy – “…our body is like a television and our spirit or identity is being received outside the body.” And his statement, “Consciousness is an invisible energy that is controlling our biology – it’s not our genes controlling our biology.”

    Another thought-leader in this field wrote similarly in the language of her time, adding depth and practical application to Lipton’s explanations, “A mortal man possesses this body, and he makes it harmonious or discordant according to the images of thought impressed upon it. “ Mary Baker Eddy goes on to say, “You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness. You should banish all thoughts of disease and sin and of other beliefs included in matter. Man, being immortal, has a perfect indestructible life. It is the mortal belief which makes the body discordant and diseased in proportion as ignorance, fear, or human will governs mortals.” (Science and Health)

    Thanks so much for this great magazine, Vanessa. The articles really stir thought.


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