Cleaning Up Your Finances: Physical and Emotional Decluttering by Abbey Rose

Cleaning Up Your Finances: Physical and Emotional Decluttering by Abbey Rose

Practical tips for financial organisation and the emotional relief it brings.

How often have you stuck your head in the sand and told yourself that you would worry about cleaning up your bank accounts later?

Now, how often has that made you feel calm about your financial situation?


Has it, instead, made you feel like you were sticking a band-aid over an open wound?

The emotional relief that comes along with figuring out where you stand financially is palpable. 

Even though the initial process can be uncomfortable, especially if you feel like you are in an undesirable financial situation. 

Firstly, let me reiterate that there is no such thing as an ‘undesirable’ financial situation.

There is only your current financial situation and your future financial situation.

This is all we are ever going to be working with.

Secondly, here are four practical tips for financial organisation which I use all the time for my own finances.

  1. Always be aware of your incomings and outgoings.
    You cannot grow your income without knowing what you have to work with. If you have less money left over at the end of the month than you are expecting, then you need to go through your accounts and figure out what your money is going towards and tighten up anything that you may needlessly be spending money on.

  2. Pay back your past first.
    If you have debt, then it is important to pay it off, so you are not spending more money than you need to on interest. Once you have paid off your past, then you can focus fully on growing your future.

  3. Don’t budget.
    Budgets are a thing of the past. They are based on putting away a certain dollar amount each week/ fortnight/ month which is, truthfully, not sustainable in the long run. Instead, break your money up by percentages instead. Cashflow is King!

  4. Don’t punish yourself if you do not hit your self-imposed goals.
    Money will always have ebbs and flows. You cannot predict what is going to happen from one week to the next. Growing and sustaining your money is not a linear journey. Play around with what works best and feels best for you.

Once you begin implementing these four tips into your life, you will begin to enjoy managing your money, which will be a complete game changer for you.

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Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose is here to help you create, manage and protect your wealth. With over 15 years in the finance sector, Abbey brings cutting edge business and financial wisdom that mixes the worlds of strategy and intuition helping you create financial empowerment.

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