Overcoming a Poverty Mindset by Trish Rock

Over this past weekend I was delighted to be a speaker and exhibitor at a local and long-established festival on the Sunshine Coast.

It was lovely to be there meeting new people and inspiring them to live the life they dream of!

During my talk, I was open and vulnerable about the time in my life just over a decade ago, where I was really struggling and in a definite survival mode.

Even though I was working a job and also bringing in money from a business I was running, there came a point where I couldn’t pay my rent and life just got too hard. I had to move back to a city I didn’t think I would return to and ended up living with family for a while.

It wasn’t a great time in my life and while I was very thankful I had family supporting me, its not a time I am that proud of but I realise now that it was all meant to be because without that time, the realisations and transformations I have been able to create would not have happened.

You see, I didn’t know I had a poverty mindset running in the background sabotaging everything that I truly wanted. The voice of this old pattern was too loud and was always being proven right!

Because I had money flowing in, a poverty consciousness was never even something I considered that I had!

Most people including me, believe this entails no money flowing in. And constantly in survival mode.

But it wasn’t the case here. I guess my tenacity, resilience, and drive to create enabled the flow in…but the poverty consciousness made sure it all went out again!

Once I understood and became aware of this, I could change it. And I did. With the help of mentors, coaches, and friends, along with the 5 step PEACE Process I now live a totally different life where I respect and look after the money that flows in. And the poverty consciousness has transformed to an abundance mindset in all ways.

During my presentation, the vulnerability and willingness to share this information really touched the hearts of many in the room. In particular, one person who came up to me at the end and thanked me. He had been going through similar but could not identify why or put a name to it nor change it! He was very grateful to me for sharing and he can now head in a better more abundant direction.

When we are in situations like this it can feel shameful to admit it and to talk about it but being open about it over the weekend really helped others to recognise what they may also be going through.

And from that space, its changeable.

I want to assure you today that no matter what you are going through right now you are not alone, and you are not the only one experiencing it. Find a trusted friend, guide, or mentor to talk about it with so that you can begin finding solutions and change.

What you desire in your life is absolutely possible. Never give up on your dream!

Reach out to me for guidance on this. I can definitely help you find the more aligned path forward through my spiritual work and also the 5 Steps in The PEACE Process.

Email me at trish@trishrock.com

You may also enjoy this gift I have for you that will help you find more peace and calm in your life daily along with creating momentum to go after what you desire most in life right now:

Sending you love and peace xo




Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Peace Coach, Best Selling Author, Holistic Counsellor and Psychic who helps people to improve their lives through breaking down the barriers to true freedom and holistic wellness. Her clients call her the Queen of Calm because of the peace and clarity she brings into their life.

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