Cleansing Attitude is the Key to Success by Dominique LivKamal

Today I wanted to share with you some info from my book The Wellness Zone

Spring or the New Year is a great time to eat clean, get rid of congestion and clear out the unwanted toxins and microbes from our body. 

We all love herbs for wellness and the picture I have here is of Shakti in our dispensary recently formulating some herbal teas. 

Enjoy your detox time and here is my info on attitude for success. 

To succeed or not to succeed? That is the question. This is true in many levels of your Wellness Zone. However, when it comes to cleansing there’s nothing as important as attitude for success or failure. If you enter a detox with a forced attitude, whereby maybe someone else has told you that you must do a detox, cleanse or weight loss program because your health depends upon it, then you will certainly be starting off on the wrong foot.

If you need to lose weight, design a program that will work with your lifestyle choices. If you need to get healthy, then get the right attitude. But, don’t ever do a cleanse because someone else told you to. This is a negative motivating force and will not get good results. Only do a detox because you want to improve your own health and because you want to improve and enhance your own Wellness Zone. Self responsibility is the only really productive path to wellness. We can consult, take advice and get the opinion of others about any health issue. However at the end of the day it’s our own decisions, or lack of, that make up the true healing and health of our body. It’s no good to leave the decision of our health care to anyone else.

If you cleanse regularly, that is a clear signal to your own body that you are taking the responsibility to cleanse yourself and that you are prepared to do the best for your own Wellness Zone. If you enter your cleanse with a strong and positive attitude then chances are, you will be able to keep up the strength and personal discipline needed for a successful conclusion.

Cleansing can be cyclic, you can find yourself really motivated for a few months and then suddenly you can’t be bothered detoxing anymore. You may choose to juice cleanse, water fast, have a simple daily detox or eat only fruit and vegetables for a few days. These are all good detox options that can be done regularly or spasmodically depending on your needs.

There is a time and place for each style of cleansing. It may be right for you to have complete water fasts. Each and every time you detox is perfect. If your attitude is right you will really enjoy the experience, and if it gets a bit tough then you have the determination to succeed, determined to rid yourself of those toxins and residues of poisons that could create havoc with your future health. You wash away all kinds of mental, emotional and physical rubbish. Cleansing has many layers and these are only revealed to you as you live the experience. Each and every detox is different depending on your life and attitude at the time.

Many people feel fantastic on day three of any complete water fast. That’s always the favorite time, when you feel completely elevated from the physical, yet could run a marathon at the drop of a hat because you feel so great. But to get to day three is a personal and physical challenge that can only be achieved with a certain attitude and mindset about water fasts. It is not right for everyone and you may or may not be open to the complete water fast technique of detox. Respect your individuality and take your detoxing to the levels that you feel comfortable with, this too will change from detox to detox.

Often you will fast before any major decisions are made about any issue of importance. Well, that’s another great motivation for cleansing, especially when you are involved in business and need some time to think. It’s a clearer head that thinks on peppermint tea and carrot juice, than the one that’s loaded with coffee and wine! A heavy stomach is also the best formula for a sluggish mind. So, keeping your stomach empty and your mind clear is a good formula for the successful thinker!

Have a great day 

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Love and Blessings Dom xoxo

Dom Liv Kimal

Dominique Livkamal is a well-known herbalist, naturopath, author and creator of ‘Medicine Room’, offering free community naturopathic clinics, handmade herbal medicines and beautiful body product collections.

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